SF 330 part II Contractor Professional Qualifications

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Filling Out Form SF 330 part II: Architect-Engineer Professional Qualifications

In this post, we will talk about how to fill out Form SF 330 part II, which is used by Federal Agencies to evaluate architect-engineer firms.

Who needs a Form SF 330 part II?

All Federal Agencies hiring a contractor for architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental design services must use the SF 330 form to ensure that they hire professionals with the necessary qualifications and experience. Contractors should complete SF 330 part II form for each particular branch office seeking to work on a project.

What is Form SF 330 part II for?

Form SF 330 part II is a one-page document with a summary of general qualifications of the employees of a firm or branch offices of a firm connected with a proposed project.

Part II has two uses:
1. Firms should provide Part II to the regional office of each federal agency to be kept on file. A public announcement is not required for certain contracts, and agencies may use Part II as a basis for selecting the contractor most likely meet their demands. They may choose the top three most highly qualified companies from their database for an interview before requesting submission of Part I.
2. Firms should prepare a separate Part II for each company that will be part of the contractor team for a particular project, and submit it with Part I. If the contractor company has branches directly related to the implementation of the project, each of them must be included in a separate copy of SF 330 part II.

Part II of the SF 330 form is designed to make the qualification of vendor firms clearer and more transparent to selection boards. Based on the information provided in the document, the client can determine a) the number of employees and their exact qualifications and discipline (the list of function codes is attached to the SF 330 part II form), b) a firm’s experience and annual average revenue for the last 5 years, and c) the average annual professional services revenues of the company for the last 3 years.

Is Form SF 330 part II accompanied by other forms?

As mentioned above, this form accompanies the first part of Form SF 330. That is why both documents are issued to the client at the same time.

How do I fill out Form SF 330 part II?

Let’s look more closely at the required number of copies of SF 330 Part II. If you have four of your six offices represented on one team, you need to have four separate Part II forms.

You need to provide the following information when filling out the form:
• Firm or branch office name, address, type of ownership, year established, and DUNS number
• List of employees by discipline (using the List of Experience Categories)
• Firm’s experience and average annual revenue for the last five years
• Annual average professional services revenues of the company for the last three years
• Personal information of an authorized representative

Remember that every office needs a DUNS number. SF 330 Part II can not be submitted without a unique DUNS number. Note that the submitter of Form SF 330 part II should never reference a project that members of their current office have not worked on.

Where do I send Form SF 330 part II?

Both parts of the completed SF 330 part II form should be submitted to the Federal Agency office hiring a company for a particular project.