SF 86: How to Get National Security Job Clearance

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Applying for National Security Positions with SF 86

Working for National Security agencies is not only prestigious but also involves great responsibility. It is not surprising that candidates for national security positions have to go through a rigorous assessment process. Today’s review is dedicated to the SF 86, which is used to assess the suitability of applicants for national security positions.

Who needs an SF 86 Form?

A questionnaire for national security positions, SF-86 must be completed by individuals performing national security duties or by candidates offered positions at US Government agencies or departments.

What is SF 86 for?

The Office of Personnel Management or other federal agencies use the SF-86 form to initiate the background investigation required to determine a candidate’s suitability for a national security position. The issuing office will make a conclusion about the candidate’s reliability, trustworthiness, good conduct, personal qualities and loyalty to the United States.

Is the Standard Form 86 Form accompanied by other forms?

There is no strict requirement to attach any documentation to the completed SF-86. However, usually filing the SF-86 is only the initial stage of a background investigation.

The applicant may be asked to bring documents verifying their identity when called for an interview. Certain evidence of what has been indicated on the form might also be required. Such proof can include alien registration, delinquent loans or taxes, bankruptcy, liens, various financial obligations, child custody or support agreements, arrests, convictions, probation, etc.

When is the SF 86 due?

As a rule, as soon as a candidate is offered a position, they are required to submit the SF-86 Form.

How do I fill out SF 86?

It is crucial that the application is filled out according to the very precise instructions identified at the beginning of the SF 86. For instance, all fields must be completed.  Even if no response is applicable – the “not applicable” box should be checked. Names of cities or foreign countries must not be abbreviated.

As for the contents of the form, it has 29 sections, which cover the following:
– Basic personal details, contacts and identifying information
– Passport and citizenship information
– Residence history
– Education
– Employment activities
– Military history
– Marital status and relatives
– Foreign activities and contacts
– Health condition
– Police record
– Illegal use of drugs and use of alcohol
– Investigation and clearance record
– Financial record

Where do I send Form SF-86?

Once you have finished filling the SF 86, you should send it to the office which has provided the form to you.