Signing Documents Online

One of the biggest challenges of completing documents online is adding a signature. But, not anymore. Whether you need to sign your document, or send a document to be signed by someone else, PDFfiller has the solution.

Signature Tool

Our signature technology allows users to sign any form or PDF without the hassle of printing, physically signing with a pen, scanning, faxing, or mailing. Instead, once you’ve completed typing on your chosen document, you may use the signature feature to digitally add your verified signature to the appropriate space on the form.

The signing feature in‘s edit mode offers four methods for creating a digital version of your signature. Each of them are outlined in this video:

Type your signature in place using a signature-style font. This format is fine for PDF-based correspondence or informational documents, but not best for situations where your signature needs to match your actual signature as exactly as possible.

3 Signature Styles

You can also draw your signature with a trackpad, stylus or mouse anywhere on the document and then to size and place it where it belongs.

Capture your signature using your computer’s camera – just hold up a signed piece of paper and photograph it using the “capture” button in the signature tool. Then you can re-size it, clean up the image if needed, and place it wherever you want to on the page.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 11.24.21 AM(Click “allow” if this window pops up)

Capture Signature

Click “capture” and PDFfiller‘s signature manager will reverse the image so it reads correctly.

Capture Signature 2

Next, clean up and approve your captured signature. Click “Save” or “Save & Use” to finish.

Clean up signature

Now you are ready to add your captured signature to the appropriate spot on your PDF. Use the gray edit buttons to resize, delete, move, or approve your signature.

Sign Document Online


Lastly, you have the option to upload a scanned image of your signature if you have one, using the “Upload” button in the signature manager window. Here again you can use the edit tools described above to refine, resize, and move the image of your signature as needed.

Upload Signature

Note: you can save one or multiple signatures to use next time.

Do you use our signature manager? We are constantly trying to refine our services and toolkits, and we’d love to hear your suggestions and successes. Drop us a line and tell us how you sign.