Streamline patient intake with electronic medical forms and e-signatures

Not long ago, patients had to fill out paper forms by hand in a waiting room, making the process time consuming, inefficient and frustrating for patients and staff. Filling out documents online reduces the time spent on processing medical forms by more than 50% and doesn’t require any ink or paper. Doctors and clients are now able to complete forms from any internet connected device, even while on the go, and share them with as many recipients as needed.


Streamline your daily workflow and manage your time effectively

Сreate medical forms and collect electronic signatures in your documents faster than ever before. Enable patients to complete intake forms digitally, from anywhere. The process for creating a digital intake form is simple: create or upload a form to an online document editor, make specific fields fillable and then distribute the document’s link so that patients can complete and sign your intake form on any internet connected device, at home or on the go.


Collect accurate, legible and fully completed medical forms

When patients submit their forms digitally, healthcare organizations can be sure that all their documents are legible and that all required information has been entered. As soon as a client opens a form in an online document management service, a smart fillable field wizard leads them through all the necessary fields. You’ll receive an email notification once a signer completes your form.


Provide the highest level of security meeting HIPPA standards for medical records

Since the US government gave electronic signatures legal equivalence to handwritten ones in 2000 with the ESIGN Act, millions of hospital, patient onboarding, billing and consent forms have been signed electronically from all around the world.

Several online document management services, such as PDFfiller, provide a HIPAA compliant e-signature method for protecting the private health information of patients. This also makes it easier for medical offices to adopt new technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of their patient care. Once filled out and submitted, a document is stored in your personal account. At this stage, only you have access to the document which you can either share, email or print out from any internet connected device.


Save money on paper and double your patient intake

Leading healthcare providers go digital. Working online helps them eliminate inefficient, paper-based workflows. Electronic health record services (TherapyNotes, Care360, Practice Fusion, Cerner EMR, etc) enable you to collect and store medical data online. Still, while saving your time and resources, they are quite costly, starting from $50 a month. With PDFfiller, you can create HIPAA compliant documents, share them with clients and collect electronic signatures for more than 60% off regular EHR subscription.



Complete and e-sign medical forms from any device with PDFfiller.

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