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1098-T Form Tuition Statement

1098-T Form: How to Complete and File Your Tuition Statement

1098-T Tuition Statement Overview The 1098-T tuition statement is a mandatory form for every student paying tuition or parents who need to file their tax returns. The primary purpose of Form 1098-T is to claim tax deductions. On the pdfFiller blog, we review every tax form. That’s why it’s high time to discuss IRS Form 1098-T. All...Read More
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Claim your Educational Tax Refund with IRS Form 1098-T

Students who pay tuition to their college, university, vocational school, or other educational institution receive the IRS Form 1098-T every year. The IRS obliges eligible educational institutions to prepare and send this document to every student for the deduction of educational expenses. Any payment required to enroll in the institution and any costs for materials...Read More

Tuition & Taxes: 1098-T

This post was updated in April 2018 If you, or one of your dependents, attended college this year, you will probably receive a 1098-T form in the mail by the end of January. The school is required to send this form to each of their paying students every year, and it reports the specific amount...Read More