The one-man operation – why PDFfiller is a must-have for document workflow optimization

Rather than being at the mercy of a boss, many would rather take up the challenge of being in control of their own finances. At the same time, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs starting a business fail within the first 18 months. To some would-be entrepreneurs, this may sound like a very discouraging statistic. But, although starting your own business has its risks, the payoff of success makes such an endeavor worth the effort.

However, starting your own business as a lone wolf doesn’t mean that it will stay that way forever. Remember, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as a one-man startup. Today Amazon is valued at $177.8 billion, ranking it among the top ten largest companies in the world. Other examples of one-person startups that developed into multi-million dollar companies include eBay, Plenty of Fish, DuckDuckGo and Urban Dictionary.


Choose higher profitability with lower risk

The one-man operation is a specific type of business model. To avoid burnout or bankruptcy in the first year, make sure you’re choosing an industry that suits you best. Do your due diligence in order to understand which industries are profitable or showing signs of future profitability.

According to a Sageworks survey, four industries which are the most profitable based on pre-tax net profit margins for privately held companies are:

Tax & Finance

Real Estate


Health Care

On the other hand, some think that opening an e-commerce store or investing in a food truck is a better choice for a one-man operation. If you’re looking to become financially independent in the near future, consider selling information as a consultant – for some people, working as a consultant within a profitable industry is a perfect match.


Six Profitable One-Man Business Ideas:

E-commerce Store

E-commerce Store





Food Truck

Food Truck

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer


Tapping into technology with PDFfiller

To manage your business effectively, you’ll need an affordable digital workflow solution. Brian Lehrhoff EA, one of PDFfiller’s many users, is a growing one-man organization devoted to helping clients with their taxes. Brian processes hundreds of pages of financial documents every year using PDFfiller. He downloads the PDFs of his customers’ bank statements, which are always easily available when using this workflow solution.

Michael Combs, co-owner of hearing aid clinic “Hearing at Home”, uses PDFfiller to securely collect, process and store all the personal and medical information of his clients:

quotes I’m a mobile hearing clinic [and a] hearing specialist – I go to people’s homes, healthcare facilities, retirement facilities,” said Combs. “I give full comprehensive testing to patients that are experiencing hearing difficulties [and] I determine whether it’s a medical issue needing treatment.”


With PDFfiller, all of Comb’s medical documents, medical contracts and invoices are digital, meaning they’re accessible from anywhere, easy to store, and easier to process whenever he sees new clients.

By the way, mobile apps save small businesses 725 million working hours annually. This makes the PDFfiller app a great option for entrepreneurs looking to optimize their workflows while saving time and money.


Why PDFfiller?

We asked our users how much time and money PDFfiller saves them. This helps us understand just how much a lone wolf’s businesses can benefit.

Time saved

Time saved

Up to 16 hours a week per staff member on paperwork

1 to 3 hours per person per document saved on printing, faxing and signing documents in person

Money saved

Money saved

Over $23,000 a year in working hours

Up to $20 per document with printing costs reduced by 66%


PDFfiller is a must-have for a one-man operation because of these 5 crucial factors:

oval Work on the go. As a one-man operation, you don’t need your own office. Work from your mobile device while on the go and spend more time with your current and future clients.
oval Speed. With PDFfiller, speed = time and money saved. This means you’ll spend more time working with clients and less on paperwork.
oval Security. With PDFfiller, your data is protected by Amazon’s state-of-the-art, S3 servers. An additional layer of security can also be enabled by saving sensitive documents in an encrypted folder with two-factor authentication.
oval Cost savings. Save those many hours normally spent on routine work with documents, which adds up to thousands of dollars saved.
oval Optimized document workflows. PDFfiller provides an online PDF editor, cloud storage platform and an e-signature manager in an all-in-one package.


When starting your one-man operation, remember that PDFfiller saves you more than just time and money. With our online platform, you avoid potential setbacks associated with physical documents, giving you more time with clients and customers in order to grow your business.

Let paperless technologies give you the best chance to become the next successful startup.



Don’t let misspelling or typos ruin your business or your career! Adopt a digitized workflow solution and prevent mistakes that could cost a fortune!