The smarter way to turn Google Form submissions into PDFs with the PDFfiller add-on

We love Google Forms. It’s a simple, quick and free tool for gathering information from your friends, colleagues or customers. All answers are added to a spreadsheet that you can easily access and import. But collecting responses in a spreadsheet is only the beginning. Google Forms add-ons allow you to use your information even further with simple automation.


Set up a Google Form once and automatically generate pre-filled PDFs

Say, you need to create quotes pre-filled with client details from a Google Form. Of course, typing each client’s name from a spreadsheet in to a quote is not ideal. Moreover, your document may have hundred of pages needing names to be added.

The new PDFfiller add-on for Google Forms comes in handy here:

Now you can automatically import responses from Google Forms to fillable quotes. Just connect Google Forms questions to specific fillable fields in a selected template. As a result, you’ll have branded quotes completed and securely saved in your PDFfiller account.

Hint: if you need to add the same information to multiple pages (for example, a client’s name on each page of a contract), just connect one Google Form question to several fillable fields at once.


Your digital workflow at its best!

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Save time creating Google Forms

The PDFfiller add-on makes creating Google Forms a breeze. Yes, now you can completely automate your data-capturing processes.

First, choose a fillable template in your PDFfiller account. Then, enter a question and select the fillable fields you want to turn into questions by ticking them.

Hint: you’d save even more time creating your Google Form if you can quickly identify fillable fields in the PDFfiller template. Name fillable fields by selecting Add Fillable Fields>Advanced>Database Field Name in the PDFfiller editor.

Once again, when recipients submit their responses, you’ll get a completely pre-filled document in PDFfiller.

The PDFfiller add-on is designed to make your work with Google Forms easier and more efficient. Now anyone in your department can handle data processes using your favourite Google apps and PDFfiller automation.