Hiring Employees & Dealing with Application Forms


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The Town of Randolph is based less than twenty miles south of Boston. Its multi-story clapboard houses, well kept lawns, bucolic parks, and tree-lined streets make it the quintessential image of suburban America.

The Town of Randolph’s Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting applicants and overseeing employment. They’ve integrated PDFfiller into their workflow in order to solve important issues in their employment application process and even used it to streamline cumbersome administrative process issues within other town departments as well.

employment application, hiring employees, human resources, PDFfiller, Town of Randolph, whitepaper

The Problem

employment application, hiring employees, human resources, PDFfiller, Town of Randolph, whitepaper

Everyone who has worked for local, state or federal government, knows that job applications are a constant headache. With a multitude of required onboarding, employment forms and applications, the government administration of the Town of Randolph faced a serious problem when trying to recruit and hire new employees: documents arrived in the office with poor handwriting and in various stages of completion and the forms were often either illegible or incomplete.

“I spent weeks trying to fix issues that arose when we could not read [application] forms,” said Anne Barkhouse, the town’s Human Resource assistant. “I would spend my time chasing the employees to get the correct information to send to different agencies that could not read the handwriting of the individuals.”

With over thirty thousand residents, the Town of Randolph has serious administrative concerns, especially in regard to vetting potential applicants and efficiently onboarding new employees. “The ability to make my enrollment forms fillable,” was what initially drew Barkhouse to PDFfiller. The town of Randolph’s Human Resources department deals with applications every week and the paperwork and the associated problems would quickly pile up. PDFfiller proved to be the solution they were looking for.

Before PDFfiller, the Town of Randolph used paper applications. The HR department struggled to decipher handwriting, process data, and keep track of forms. Paperwork was a clumsy solution to a problem that had a clear answer: PDFfiller’s completely digital document solution.

The Solution

employment application, hiring employees, human resources, PDFfiller, Town of Randolph, whitepaper

The Town of Randolph solved their administrative problems with PDFfiller, streamlining and improving their hiring, onboarding and training processes. Department hiring managers and administrators use it on a regular basis to ensure that they have quick and easy access to the information submitted by applicants and future employees.

Using PDFfiller to facilitate the hiring process was simple: The Town of Randolph simply creates or uploads a form to PDFfiller, adds fillable fields using an easy to use online tool, and distributes the link to potential applicants. All the applicants need to do is click on the link, complete and sign the form electronically, and add their digital signature.

Fig A. – Creating a filliable employment application form with PDFfiller

Fig A. – Creating a filliable employment application form with PDFfiller

The Benefits of
Using PDFfiller

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PDFfiller has enabled the Town of Randolph to completely digitize their application process, resulting in the more efficient processing of information from applicants and ensuring that all information is clear and legible.

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Speed and Convenience

Using PDFfiller ensures that applicants can fill out their applications rapidly without the hassle of having to download and print forms, complete them by hand, and then mail their documents or deliver them to the HR office.

For the Town of Randolph, the ability to digitize the application process and instantly receive legible applications has made it is easier for job seekers and new employees to submit their applications and all other required HR forms. The streamlined digital process has also significantly increased the rate at which the HR department can process applications.

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Having documents completed digitally means that the Town of Randolph no longer needs to worry about wasting time deciphering illegible handwriting. Instead, applications and forms completed, signed, and sent digitally through PDFfiller are typewritten and legible. “I have neat enrollment forms that are easy for the employees to read,” said Barkhouse, citing one of the most valuable aspects of PDFfiller’s service for the Town of Randolph.

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The ability to designate required fields in PDFfiller ensures that all the forms that come back to the Town of Randolph have the necessary information. This alleviates the need to hunt down the applicants for incomplete or incorrectly filled out forms.

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Cost Savings

By improving the efficiency of the application process, PDFfiller has had an impact on the Town of Randolph’s bottom line, saving their employees time and energy and resulting in financial savings to the town. Barkhouse’s use of PDFFiller “has saved me tremendous time and aggravation” she said, citing “time saved, money not spent on paper, faxes, etc.”

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For government offices, security is critical. PDFfiller’s secure online transmission means that sensitive information is kept from prying eyes and there are fewer paper documents with sensitive identity information left on desks and in trash bins.

Documents are protected from end to end by PDFfiller. PDFfiller makes use of Amazon’s S3 data centers, which have multiple backup locations, instant and uninterrupted data access, and military-level physical security. Within PDFfiller, encrypted folders provide an additional level of security, ensuring your most sensitive documents are protected.

The encrypted folder uses two-factor authentication like most banks and allows you to protect the documents enclosed with an additional password. Enter your phone number to receive an activation code for the encrypted folder. After entering the activation code, you will be able to enter your own password. Simply drag documents to the folder to protect them with an additional layer of security.

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Customer Service

PDFfiller prides itself on listening to its customers and its ability not just to provide its clients with a range of powerful services, but also to ensure they can use them effectively. PDFfiller helped the Town of Randolph directly with requests for assistance, ensuring they knew how to use all of PDFfiller’s services and that their forms are as easy to fill out as possible.


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Because PDFfiller allowed the Town of Randolph’s applicants to digitally complete, sign, and send their applications quickly and securely, it was an ideal solution to the problems the town’s Human Resources department faced. PDFfiller’s many features, augmented by its emphasis on security and customer service, means that PDFfiller’s online document editing and transmission services were an ideal fit for this government agency. PDFfiller streamlined the Town of Randolph’s workflow and hiring process, turning regular forms into online, digital analogs in just seconds. This makes the data readable, exportable, and makes the forms more legible. This, in turn, results in significant benefits, saving the town time and money and reducing the risks associated with data loss and accidental disclosure of information.

PDFfiller counts a range of government agencies and services across the United States and the world amongst its clients – the emphasis on clear, efficient, and secure completion and transmission of important documents makes it the ideal solution for governments and Human Resources departments everywhere.

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