Keeping Track of Account Activity with Audit Trail

Sometimes, during the course of the work day, you lose track of what exactly you’ve worked on. Going back and forth between responding to email, speaking with coworkers, and trying to make some progress on your latest project, things can get all jumbled up.  So if you’ve got a list of important forms you need to send out, how can you make sure which you’ve done already and which you haven’t?  Moreover, if your business works with PDFfiller, how can you keep track of account activities that may have happened without your knowledge?

PDFfiller’s powerful Audit Trail feature allows you to track all of your account activity in one place: from which forms you’ve opened and shared, to what time you logged into and out of your PDFfiller account. You can change the date range to view a few days’ activity up to an entire year or more of activity. Much like how Versions gives you a look at changes made to the form you have open (as well as the ability to revert to previous changes), Audit Trail provides an overview of all the forms you’ve used with your account. Simply click the “Audit Trail” button on the My Forms page to see your activity.


Here's where you can find the Audit Trail feature!


If you have a PDFfiller Corporate Shared Account, Audit Trail doubles as an important admin and security feature: you can track which user logged in and at what time, giving you an overview of all user activity on the same account.

So now you can use Audit Trail to see when exactly you filled out that Form 4868 tax extension, who you already shared your meeting notes with, or just to have a bit more clarity about all of the things your team has accomplished using PDFfiller! Head over to your PDFfiller account now to take a look at your account activity with Audit Trail.