Social Security Claim Request for Employment Information & Making a Template

If you’re a boss, business owner, or employer, one of your employees may end up applying for Medicare or Medicaid services. When they do, the Social Security Administration may reach out to you for verification that the person actually does/did work for you.

In most cases you may receive this request in the mail as a paper document with an enclosed return envelope. But, if you receive lots of copies of the same form for multiple employees, or you’d just like to type your information instead of handwrite it, PDFfiller’s online editor is a convenient option, and it’s accessible using any computer or mobile device. Save time by turning this blank Social Security Claim Request for Employment Information form into a template for later use.

How to turn the Social Security Claim Request form into a template:

    1. In the “My Forms” page, select the Social Security Claim Request for Employment Information form.
    2. Type in the information & add the signatures that you always want the template to contain (information that always stays the same), like your company’s name, address, phone number, your supervisor title, and signature.
    3. Click the red “DONE” button to save. You’ll be automatically taken back to the “My Forms” page.
    4. Now, select the document you just edited, and click the “Template” button. If you can’t find the button right away, click “More” and a list with drop down with more clickable functions (see the image below for an example).5. Your claim form has now been instantly converted into a template.  You’ll know which one it is because it’ll be labeled with a “T.”

From now on, every time you open this template document, it will include the permanent information you saved, but you will be able to enter all the unique employee/claimant information for each individual work situation. PDFfiller will always ask you if you want to save every version you fill out, just to be safe. And because your subscription comes with unlimited cloud storage, you never have to worry about running out of space. Go ahead, save everything.

If a piece of information on your CMS-L564 form template (or any of your other templates) changes, you can make edits anytime. To learn more about making your PDFfiller account really work for your business, click here.

When you’re finished answering the form’s employment questions, you have a few options. Save a stamp and fax the form directly to the Social Security Department, email it, or simply print it out and tuck it into the return envelope they’ve already supplied for you.

We hope this tutorial makes life and work easier for you and your employees. If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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