Two-Factor Authentication Login with Your Phone

Has someone attempted to steal your online information lately?  We understand that while many of you like the convenience of logging in to your online accounts with a single click, others are more interested in enhanced security options.  In order to help prevent phishing for your login credentials, PDFfiller is one of the first document management services to develop an account login with two-factor authentication.


Traditional Login

If you go to our login page, you’ll notice that there are now four different login options available.  The first is the good old email and password combination. Remember that if you click on the checkbox next to ‘Remember Me’ and close PDFfiller without logging out, the next time you open PDFfiller, you should be taken directly into your MyForms page. There is also the option to retrieve your password here using an email or phone number.

Login with Your Phone

For those of you for whom security is a main priority, the second option is to login with your phone number.  This recently added option, available to those who have a phone number saved in their account information, requires a two-factor authentication process, similar to what you may have encountered dealing with online bank accounts. Simply click the ‘Login with Your Phone’ button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter a phone number.  After clicking ‘Send Pin’ you’ll receive a code via SMS. Enter this code and click ‘Log in’ and you’ll be taken directly to your MyForms page. This method, which requires two keys for account entry, helps prevent phishing and makes it much more difficult for the wrong person to access your personal information.


Facebook / Google+ Login

For those with Facebook or Google+ accounts, you may also want to try logging in using these two gateways.  Simply click on the respective buttons and PDFfiller will use your Facebook or Google+ credentials to log in, taking you directly to your MyForms page.  These options, which only require remembering the username and password that you use for your social media accounts, offer a quick and convenient way to access your account.

Try experimenting with these login methods to see what works and feels best for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team.  Your business matters to us at PDFfiller and we will continue our work to develop new ways to protect your online privacy.