VA 21 526EZ Form: Regulating Veterans’ Disability Compensation

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VA 21 526EZ Form: Fully Developed Claim Notice (Compensation)

The State is obliged to pay compensation for disability for veterans of the US Armed Forces. However, the veteran must provide certain documents to obtain this compensation. One of the most important documents required to get this compensation is the VA 21 526EZ form issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Today’s review focuses on how to properly fill out this form.

Who needs a VA 21-526EZ form?

The VA 21 526EZ form is required for veterans and service members eligible to receive compensation for disabilities related to military service under the Fully Developed Claim Program (FDC). To support a claim for service connection, a veteran must provide proof of one of the following incidents: 1) a veteran has been severely injured or diseased in military service; 2) a veteran has a current or mental disability related to military service.

What is the VA 21-526EZ form for?

The VA 21-526EZ form is a rating-related original, secondary, or increased disability service connection claim for life compensation. The FDC requires the claimant to gather all of the relevant information independently. The service member will have to submit that information as a part of the VA 21-526EZ application for disability benefits.

Is the VA 21-526EZ form accompanied by other forms?

Submitting the VA 21-0966 form, Intent To File A Claim For Compensation and/or Pension, or Survivors Pension and/or DIC will start the claim process.Then, the claimant will have up to a year to complete and send the VA 21-526EZ form. The VA 21-526EZ is accompanied by all the supporting civilian medical and non-medical evidence proving the claimant’s disabilities.

When is VA 21-526EZ form due?

This form must be filed within one year after the VA 21 0966, Intent To File A Claim For Compensation and/or Pension, or Survivors Pension and/or DIC was submitted.

How do I fill out VA 21-526EZ form?

The VA 21-526EZ form provided by PDFfiller is accompanied by a four-page set of instructions that should be read before filling the form.
The primary personal information accompanied by the description of the received injuries, illnesses or mental disorder should be provided. Also, the claimant should fill out a small block containing information about direct deposit and military pay. The claimant can file the VA 21-526EZ form first without submitting any supporting documents. If this is done, the “Fully Developed Claim Certification” as part of the Form 21-526EZ should not be signed and submitted.

Where do I send VA 21-526EZ form?

Once the applicant has completed and signed the form, mail it to the VA Regional Office. Also, the applicant can always contact the call center and ask for the address of the nearest VA office.