Be Aware of Your Personal Information Disclosure with VA 21-0485 Form

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VA Form 21 0845: Authorization To Disclose Personal Information To A Third Party

Citizens are rightly concerned about protecting their personal information and, accordingly, there is a strictly defined group of people who will be allowed access to applications and court cases managed by federal agencies. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs also follows these generally established rules. According to the Privacy Act 1974, it is prohibited to disclose information from a system of records without the subject’s written consent. However, certain cases may require disclosing information. In such a situation, written consent must be given on the VA Form 21 0845. In this blog post, we will figure out how to properly use and file it with the VA Department.

Who needs a VA Form 21 0845?

This form is filled out by an applicant to grant the VA the right to disclose an individual’s personal beneficiary or claim information to a third party.

What is the VA Form 21 0845 for?

The long name of the VA 21-0845 form is the Authorization To Disclose Personal Information To A Third Party. The information from this and other documents transmitted to the VA will not be disclosed to a third party that does not meet the requirements of the Privacy Act 1974 or title 38, Code of Federal Regulation for routine use. The list of third parties to whom the personal information can be transmitted is indicated in a separate section of this document. According to the Privacy Act, the information may be disclosed only in three cases: 1) when the claimant gives consent to disclose information to third parties, because logically they will need it; 2) when disclosure is required by law; 3) if the information is disclosed with the aim to fulfill the meaning of the document that contained this information.

If you change your mind, a written notice sent to the VA office will allow terminating the authorization for disclosure at any time.

Is the VA Form 21 0845 accompanied by other forms?

This form is not accompanied by other documents, but it can accompany virtually every form that was created by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

When is VA Form 21 0845 due?

This form does not have a specific expiration date and is submitted at the request of authorized persons.

How do I fill out VA Form 21 0845?

There are eleven questions that should be answered in the VA 21-0845 form. All the issues explain the type of information that must be disclosed, define third parties, and set the duration of this authorization.

Where do I send VA Form 21 0845?

You can find the postal address of the nearest VA office by visiting the official website. Before you send the signed document, be sure to make a copy of it and keep with you throughout the whole application process.