VA Form 9: How to Complete Your Appeal

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VA Form 9: Appeal to Board of Veteran’s Appeals

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes essential decisions concerning veteran financial issues. Even if the decision regarding your claim for a certain benefit was denied, you can complete and file a Notice of Disagreement. This causes the Department to react to the claim. If the appeal is still denied, you will receive a Statement of the Case with an explanation of the decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs usually attaches VA Form 9 to the statement to give a veteran a chance to appeal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to fill out this appeal and get a positive decision on your claim.

Who Needs VA Form 9?

This form is for veterans who are not satisfied with a decision, made up by the Board of Veterans regarding their claim for benefits or a loan, or any other case in competence of this entity. It can be filled out by the veteran or an agent representing the veteran. The Board of Veterans strongly encourages having third parties complete the form.

What is VA Form 9 for?

VA Form 9 is called the Appeal to Board of Veterans’ Appeals. With this form, applicants may request reconsideration of the decision of their case. It can be decided remotely or during a board hearing conducted by live video conference at a local VA office, in Washington, DC or at a local VA office with representatives of the Board.

Is VA Form 9 Accompanied by Other Forms?

It is not mandatory, but applicants would bolster their case by requesting all possible documents to prove there’s been a mistake in the decision regarding their claim.

When is VA Form 9 Due?

The Board allows appeals within a year of the original decision. The requester must pay attention to the due date of the form. Usually it is indicated at the top of the document. The estimated time for completing the form is one hour.

How do I Fill out VA Form 9?

First, you have to write the name of the veteran, file number of the claim and insurance file number. Then you must indicate whether you are a veteran, veteran’s widow, child, parent or anyone else filling out this form on the veteran’s behalf. Provide home and work telephone numbers. Make a list of the issues you want to appeal to the board. Then briefly write why you think that VA decided your case incorrectly. Use the second empty sheet for this.

Where do I Send VA Form 9?

Send it to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals electronically on their website or deliver a completed application by mail.