Voice typing: A fresh approach to PDF editing

voice typing

Submit papers while on the go

Modern speech recognition tools have freed us from the confines of our keyboards. No matter how many words per minute we’re able to mash out, the advantages of having our own dictations digitally rendered as we speak cannot be understated. With a smartphone or tablet on hand, we can now easily create text simply by using the sound of our voice.

Dictate letters, emails, fill out forms and provide textual feedback to proposals, all without using your hands. Manage documents while walking, driving or even while you rest. Aside from a smartphone or tablet, the only thing you need is clear pronunciation and a quiet environment.


How to activate the speech-to-text service on your device

Voice recognition comes standard on most devices. To enable it with PDFfiller, open the PDFfiller mobile app. Select and open a document from the dashboard. Then, choose the text field you want to type in (or create a new one) and tap the Microphone icon on your touchscreen keyboard. Android users also have the option of tapping and holding either the Space key or the World icon to its left.


Why you need it

Apart from solving business issues, voice dictation can be particularly useful to those who feel uncomfortable with their spelling abilities. It can also be especially handy if your phone’s touchpad is too small to comfortably use on a regular basis.

The ability to convert speech to text is not only useful for those who want to improve their spelling. This can also be of great help to those with certain handicaps, such as poor vision or if the hands have impaired mobility.

Keep in mind that you can do more than just dictate separate words and sentences. You also can split those words into paragraphs, add punctuation and edit large amounts of text within your document, all by applying one of the many available commands.


Solving practical problems

So what if you’re given a task that requires a computer or laptop and you don’t have immediate access to one? Maybe you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work with colleagues urgently waiting for your comments. Or what if you simply need to type 50 pages of text and you have very little time to do so? From now on, you’ll be able to solve any of these problems with your voice.


What else is voice typing capable of?

  • Select words, phrases, lines and paragraphs with a single command.
  • Format any text in your document: Apply titles, subtitles, capital letters as well as make letters bold, italicized, underlined, etc. Change text color, background color and highlighting.
  • Reduce or increase font size and alignment.
  • Create and edit tables: Insert and delete columns and rows.
  • Move around your document: Switch between lines and paragraphs.
  • Apply other edits: copy, paste, insert and delete links, bookmarks, equations, headers, horizontal lines and page breaks.
  • Use the “help” option and open a full list of voice commands directly in your document.
  • Run speech-to-text online or enable offline speech recognition and speak in other languages.


PDFfiller: better, faster, easier

Use dictation to convert your thoughts into text and don’t let the mechanics of typing affect the flow of your ideas.

PDFfiller provides users with a variety of up-to-date features. Check them out at www.pdffiller.com/en/features. Each new instrument we implement works towards making your business workflow seamless and enjoyable!



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