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Convert documents

Convert documents in a few clicks: meet Word to PDF Chrome extension

PDFfiller introduces a new Chrome extension for converting documents. 

Now you can avoid annoying web searches every time you need to convert Word to PDF. This extension seamlessly integrates with Chrome and perfectly preserves your document’s formatting.

It takes only a few steps to perform a conversion:

  • You get instant access once the extension is installed to Chrome.
  • Import documents with just one click. You can get them either from your device’s storage or from your Google Drive storage.
  • Wait less than a minute and download your converted document directly from the extension. 
  • Use advanced document editing features in PDFfiller. You can create an account directly from the extension.

Your digital workflow at its best!

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What are the specific benefits of the Word to PDF converter?

Install the Word to PDF converter and get the following benefits:

  • Use reliable, intuitive and productive PDF software without wasting a cent. The Word to PDF converter provides you with the ability to convert as many documents as you want absolutely free.
  • The operation algorithm doesn’t require any special training because of the intuitive and user-friendly interface. To get a result, you just need to click a few buttons.
  • PDFfiller’s extensions on mobile devices are as easy to use as on a desktop. It doesn’t matter whether you use Windows, iOS or Android. You can process your docs regardless of the hardware or operating system.
  • Save time on downloading and installation while saving your device’s memory space as well. All the documents you upload are converted into the cloud
  • For those who care about document security, we have something that’s worth your attention. The encrypted transfer protects all processed files and removes them from the server after the procedure. Thus, you can be absolutely sure that no one will access your documents while you convert from PDF to Word online.

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