Collect Payment When You Share a Fillable Form Using PDFfiller

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Make it easy for your clients to fill out online forms and pay for services related to your forms from any device. Now you can add an optional payment section to fillable forms that you send out via PDFfiller.

Collect Payment makes it easy for medical offices to collect a copay from patients while they are filling out intake forms. A tax preparer can share a fillable form to get a client’s financial information and combine the consulting fee right with the fillable form. Customize the payment section by setting the amount and adding a note so your client knows exactly what they’re being charged for.

Combining fillable PDF forms and payments makes it faster for clients and business partners to enter their information and provide payment from the same page without needing a PDFfiller account. You get the payment in your bank account within three business days, while your clients can easily pay right from their computer or phone.

How Do I Add Payment to a Document?

Adding a payment to your form is matter of clicks and seconds:

  1. When you’ve finished editing a document, click Done and select LinkToFill to transform your document into an interactive fillable form.
  2. Click Collect Payment to customize your payment settings.
  3. All payments are processed via Stripe. Either connect your Stripe account or create one.
  4. Set the payment amount. Your recipients won’t be able to change this amount and will have to pay in order to submit the form. You can add a short message explaining why you’re requesting payment.
    You can also calculate the payment amount using a number or formula field in your form. Information that a client enters will be used to automatically determine how much that client needs to pay to submit their form.
  5. Once someone has finished filling out the form, they will be prompted for their credit card information.
  6. As soon as the form has been submitted, you’ll be notified. You can change your notification settings in My Account.
  7. Within two to three business days, the payment will appear in your Stripe account.

As with any form submitted with LinkToFill, you can save the filled in data in an Excel spreadsheet, CRM or save a completed document in PDFfiller’s cloud storage. Get information and payments from your clients faster while making the process as convenient and easy as possible using LinkToFill.

Get started right away and see if collecting payments with PDFfiller is the right solution for your business with our free trial.