How to Create and Host Fillable Forms Online without Any Coding

Сonvert any PDF or Word document into a fillable form, host fillable forms on your website or send it out to be completed and eSigned on any device via a link or QR code. Collect information as well as payments from colleagues and clients using online fillable forms. Distribute donation forms, public surveys or event registration forms and make them publicly accessible without any coding.

Transform static documents into interactive fillable PDF forms

PDFfiller lets you turn any document into an interactive fillable PDF form with text, numbers, formulas, dropdown menus as well as signature or date fields in a few steps:

  1. Upload your document using PDFfiller’s uploader.
  2. Open your document in the PDFfiller editor.
  3. Click the Add Fillable Fields tab on the right and select the fillable fields you’d like to add: text, number, date, dropdown menu, checkbox, signature, photo or formula.
  4. Drag the fillable field to its appropriate place on your document.
  5. Use Required Field to require users to enter data to the field before submitting. Use Advanced to customize the field’s settings such as characters and line limits.
  6. Click on any field to move, resize or delete.
  7. Click Save when you finish.

Host fillable forms online, collect data and eSigned documents in minutes

Activate your fillable form directly from PDFfiller’s editor. Use LinkToFill to make your document publicly available to be filled and submitted:

  1. When you’ve finished editing a document, click Save and select LinkToFill.
  2. Set Security Options: Add password protection, HIPAA Compliance and public access date.
  3. Require From Recipient: Add recipient authentication requirements. Authenticate user via SMS, social account, photo or require additional document(s).
  4. Collect Payment: Customize your payment settings if you’d like to collect a payment when you’ve share a fillable form.
  5. Create a Welcome Message: Introduce your document by adding a welcome message, business card or introductory video.
  6. Set Signing and Access Privileges: Customize access to your document by setting full or limited editing privileges.
  7. Completed Document Notification: Set up instant email notifications when a recipient has completed and submitted your document.
  8. Distribute your document:
  • Make a fillable version of your document available on any Internet connected device through an embeddable HTML code, direct link, or QR code.
  • Make your document publicly accessible by adding a link or button to your website. Customize the link and button according to your needs.
  • Make your document accessible via the Form Filler App. The Form Filler application allows users to fill, sign and return a document even while on the go.9. Click Publish to make your document publicly available to be filled and submitted.

As with any form submitted via LinkToFill, any data entered into a fillable field can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, CRM or to PDFfiller’s cloud storage. Get information and payments from your clients faster while making the process as convenient and easy as possible using LinkToFill.

Get started right away and see if PDFfiller is the right solution for your business with our free trial.