All Documents At Hand 24/7: Deal Like Top Real Estate Agents

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Top real estate agents maintain that every single receipt, offer, contract or enlisting agreement is equally important and should be stored by a broker or an agent for at least five years. According to Paperless Project, more than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a loss of their paper-based records.

Going digital is a simple and efficient way for real estate salespeople to manage their document workflow and have every single agreement or receipt at hand 24/7. What is more, you don’t have to leave your office and meet clients to get a contract or agreement filled out, signed electronically by all the parties involved and forwarded to you at a protected personal account. Online document management services close business deals from any internet connected device.

Stay Organized, Save Time and Have All Your Documents at Hand 24/7

Real estate salespeople who often travel usually don’t have instant access to all of their paperwork and have to wait up to several days to receive needed copies. Top real estate professionals that have their files stored securely on their private online accounts are able to access any purchase agreement, house leasing contract or payment receipt in minimum time.

Online document management solutions enable users to create and edit offers, contracts or enlisting agreements completely on the go from any internet connected device. A real estate broker begins by simply choosing a document template, customizes it according to their preferences and sends it out to collect client data, electronic signatures and service related payments from one page.

Store Every Single Receipt Safely at a Protected Private Account

Top real estate professionals advise keeping all receipts of transactions for at least five years and major contracts such as listing agreements, purchase contracts and disclosure forms for 10 years. Online document management services enable you to keep your documents secure using cloud-based storage, where only you have access to them for instant sharing, emailing or printing from any internet connected device.

On average, buyers move every three to seven years. When you set a listing appointment on a property you’ve previously sold, you’ll have access to all the pertinent data in a few clicks.

Collect Full and Legible Client Data in Minimum Time

Going digital not only allows you to save time and resources, but also makes it easy to close deals faster. With online document management services, real estate salespeople can fulfill each stage of the data collection process while on the go. For instance, an all-in-one document management solution such as PDFfiller enables you to choose a document template, customize and use it to collect client data, electronic signatures and related additional documents or payments from one webpage with minimal time and effort.

Forget about heaps of wasted paper, lost contracts and running around to meet with various parties for each new transaction. Go digital, save time and resources, store all your documents securely for as long as you need and ensure you collect completely accurate data from all parties involved in your deal.