Is eSignature a Feature or a Product?

Businesses are getting increasingly familiar with the practice of signing documents online.  Usually done through a variety of online services, e-Signatures are an easier way to get documents signed using desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. PDFfiller has everything you expect from a state-of-the-art signature request program, but we’ve also got some of our own unique and exciting features that make us the best choice for your small business. In fact, to do everything we can do, you would need the services of not just a signature request manager, but also a cloud storage provider, an online editor, an electronic faxing service and a document hosting platform!

Like other dedicated signature programs, PDFfiller’s Signature Manager has multiple options to help you create your unique e-Signatures.  In addition to the standard features of typing, drawing signatures and uploading signature files, PDFfiller allows you to create a signature using your finger on your mobile phone or even to capture one written on paper with a camera! It’s easy to request signatures from other people too. PDFfiller’s SendToSign has advanced features which allow you to customize signature workflows, set signing permissions, certify signatures, and track when your documents have been signed.  For those who require additional security measures it’s possible to generate printable signature authentication certificates, and to require signature verification by video!

But what really makes PDFfiller different from other signature programs like Docusign is that eSignature is just one feature in our comprehensive document management toolkit. PDFfiller’s powerful uploader lets you search an online library of over 10M forms or upload files from your favorite cloud services like Box, DropBox, Google Drive and now Xero.  If you need to add or change content, PDFfiller has a forms Editor with lots of tools to help you edit, fill, and annotate your documents. Once your document is exactly the way you want it, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it – including editing it with colleagues in real time, turning it into a fillable form or a custom template, saving it as another file format, and emailing, electronic faxing or sending it by SMS! One exciting new addition is LinkToFill, a sharing feature that allows you to host fillable forms on your website or share them with a URL or QR code so that any of your customers can fill them out and you get the filled out forms immediately.

So is e-Signature a feature or a product? We believe that e-Signatures are a necessary but not a stand-alone component of any document management program. Signatures are just one part of a comprehensive solution. So why limit yourself to just one feature? Try PDFfiller and get the whole shebang!