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More Happy Customers than All of Chicago

Having just reached 10,000 reviews on our Shopper Approved review service, PDFfiller took time out to review some of the facts and figures that lead to so many happy customers. PDFfiller serves hundreds of thousands of customers, and with more of the features that you need and want to efficiently manage your documents, we found that...Read More

Xero: Our First Integration for Accounting Efficiency

The integration of PDFfiller with Xero represents a new type of synergy between your document management software and your favorite accounting platform that allows you to do end-to-end accounting and customer management without leaving your desk, touching a single sheet of paper, or ever losing important documents. Last year Xero grew at 83% a year, and...Read More

Is eSignature a Feature or a Product?

Businesses are getting increasingly familiar with the practice of signing documents online.  Usually done through a variety of online services, e-Signatures are an easier way to get documents signed using desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. PDFfiller has everything you expect from a state-of-the-art signature request program, but we’ve also got some of our own...Read More

Achieving Document Management Excellence

Where free online editors like DocHub give you the ability to edit and send documents, PDFfiller is focused on making it easier and more convenient for you to manage your documents from start to finish. Offering more than twice the editing tools and nearly unlimited editing and sharing capabilities, PDFfiller users can manage documents anywhere, anytime,...Read More