Sign it Right with PDFfiller’s New Signature Manager

We get it..when you are signing on the dotted line, your signature and the way it looks are important to you.  It can be hard to make an authentic looking online signature, especially if you are out of the office and on the go.  Well, PDFfiller has just made customizing your signature a whole lot easier with our new Signature manager – now you have five different ways of creating and applying your signature online.

To start off with, this our new signature manager looks like this.  You have five different options for uploading your signatures and you can store as many signatures as you want so they will be available to apply on any document.


1) ‘Upload’ allows you to insert a signature file that you’ve already saved to your computer.  When you click on ‘Upload’, a window opens which allows you to navigate to your file, and save it into your signature collection to be applied online to any document.


2) Selecting ‘Draw’ opens a window in which you can use your trackpad or mouse to draw your signature.  You will have the option to change the color, smoothness, and thickness of your signature line so that it looks exactly the way you like it.  Once done you can save the file and it will be ready to apply.


3) The ‘Text’ option allows you to type your signature using a type that resembles natural handwriting, save it, and place it anywhere into the document.


4) When you press on the ‘Capture’ button, a window opens which connects to your webcam.  You can sign a piece of paper, hold it up to your webcam and take a picture of the signature.  After you take the picture, PDFfiller will automatically clean up the file, but you can also go in and manually change the background, crop, brightness and contrast, and orientation of the signature.  Once you are finished you can save the signature for use on any document.

mobile device

5) This cool new feature, ‘Mobile Device’  is perfect for those of you constantly on the go.  Selecting this option brings up a window which requests an sms or email. PDFfiller will send a link to your mobile device or tablet that allows you to draw your signature on the screen using your figure, and then save it for use on your documents!  That means you can make and apply an electronic signature just about anywhere and anytime!

Remember, that signatures captured through any of the five options can be moved and resized once they are placed on the page.  PDFfiller can also offer an audit trail to show by whom and when a signature is created.  With PDFfiller’s “Signature Verification”, you can get instant signature verification and sign your file digitally and securely.  PDFfiller will work as a trusted third party, or a certificate authority (CA).  When you and your client apply a signature, PDFfiller will instantly provide a digital certificate to validate your electronic signature.

So now that you know all your options, get started creating your customized signature with PDFfiller.  For more on the signature manager and how it works, you can watch a short instructional video  on PDFfiller’s You Tube Channel.  Happy signing!