Merging PDFs: A quick way to streamline document workflow

Merging PDFs

You might still be wondering whether or not your business can really benefit from such a simple feature.

But here, you already have two reasons which will be key components to your success: The first is that PDF format is very convenient to use, and the second – that being able to easily combine files can greatly simplify your business processes.

Here’s how:

Why should you merge PDFs?

Streamline your teamwork and represent a project

When it comes to running a team project, there are hundreds of documents submitted from every angle.

Contracts, proposals, reports, accounts, etc. These documents can come in a variety of document formats. But all of them can be saved as PDF files and then merged into one document, – allowing all project documentation to be saved as a single document.

It’s also an especially convenient option for representing the completed work on a project.


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Send fewer email attachments

Combine several documents or all project information into a single PDF file. It’s much easier than having to share, archive, and send it out for review.

Archive documents and avoid the mess

Merging PDF files is extremely useful for grouping and storing records in record libraries where thousands of files are saved electronically every day. Combining files in groups helps users reduce their search time when looking through files and organize work in a more orderly way.

Save time

For instance, real estate agents have plenty of documents to manage – receipts, offers, contracts, and enlisting agreements. All these documents are equally important and have to be stored for at least 5 years.

Ease this process. For example, PDFfiller allows for the storing and filling in of large volumes of real estate documents online. Once a client e-signs all required rental documents, real estate agents can merge them into one file and send it to the landlord – saving time for everybody involved.

Take the first steps toward the paperless transition

The main step is converting all your office paperwork into digital format using a simple scanner. But the only chance to save all these documents in a convenient and secure way is by saving them in PDF format and merging similar documents into one file in order to have them conveniently organized.


How to merge PDFs online with PDFfiller

Upload or create PDF files and put them in the same folder to ease the merging process. Once all of your documents are uploaded, select the PDFs and checkmark those you need to merge. Note, PDFfiller allows for the merging of 2-3 PDF files into one. In case something goes wrong, you’ll get a notification.

Name your new merged document and check the order of merged PDFs. You can drag and drop the documents to rearrange the order. Once you name the document and arrange the order, it’s time to merge your multiple PDF files into one.

The merged document is saved to the same folder as the PDF files. All previous versions of the documents stay untouched and remain in the same folder. Merging PDFs doesn’t take too long. As a rule, we make sure it takes no more than a few seconds.

Forget about myriads of files and lost contracts. Merge PDF files into groups to organize your documents and stay on top of your market with PDFfiller.