Why document management is more efficient with an Adobe Acrobat alternative

adobe acrobat alternative

According to the leading global review platform G2Crowd, PDFfiller is one of the highest rated document editing software solutions available. So in light of this great news, we decided to find out what actually forms real user-satisfaction ratings.

We started by taking a closer look at some of the old-timers. Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known names that pops up is Adobe Acrobat.


What made Adobe so famous?

Indeed, Adobe Systems was the first ever to make electronic versions of documents independent from an operating system.

They then paved their way to becoming a monopoly, by providing editing, protection, and exportation of PDF software.

Adobe Acrobat was created to enable full-page editing and the creation of high-quality PDFs suitable for printing. They became cloud-based in 2015 and were designated as a SaaS model. This left Adobe competitors behind on the document communication software market.

Adobe Acrobat is still used on over a billion devices all over the world.


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We’ve come so far with Adobe Acrobat, so is it worth changing anything?

Yes. If you want to succeed with the following:

  1. Saving time and money on document management
  2. Increasing the speed and ease of your workflow

These points sound very obvious. But actually, Adobe Acrobat’s weaknesses were always hidden in plain sight.

Most users complain about processor resources and RAM overuse. In other words, you have to download and install Adobe software on each device you use and then sign in. So take care if you commonly use more than 2 devices, because you only get two licenses with one subscription. It goes without saying that it takes time to install every new update and then reboot your computer.

At the end of the day, Adobe Acrobat may be compared with a super ergonomic sledgehammer. This software provides a lot of useful features, but it’s impossible to truly work quickly and flexibly.

The free version of this program only allows you to read documents in PDF format. But if you want to edit with a full package of tools, be ready to pony up $599.88. And an Adobe Acrobat Pro annual subscription costs $203.88.

Adobe Acrobat products need a simplification. Acrobat comes with Acrobat Reader, but you have to pay monthly. DC comes without Scan, but the MAX comes with the Scan, but without the cloud, and the cloud comes without the MAX, but with the Adobe Acrobat DC. It’s a tremendous mess to know what tools you need apart from the Adobe Acrobat DC to have everything centralized in the same suite. That and the price you have per month if you only select Acrobat DC …

Clara C, October 2018

Actually, the main reason people сontinue to use Adobe extensions is because it once established itself as the only advanced document management solution available. Fortunately, now we can choose between newer and more sophisticated services.


So what’s the Adobe Acrobat alternative?

The main purpose of PDF document management is to transfer information literally through the air (wirelessly), as opposed to mailing or sending a fax.

We want to send electronic versions of documents anywhere, anytime, and both view and print them on any device. This should all be possible without having to go through any unneeded or irritating routines.

What’s the point of installing software if it’s going to be expensive and cumbersome to use?

Thinking this way, small and midmarket businesses make progress by switching to alternative to Adobe Acrobat online, all-in-one platforms. And PDFfiller successfully fills this niche in the market due to its compliance and affordability.

Adobe Acrobat alternative

At PDFfiller, we believe there’s no need to bother users with additional updates and purchases. Additionally, this platform runs on a browser and offers all possible tools for editing. Your documents are safely stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed by your teammates simultaneously.

Additionally, we have explored what challenges users encounter with Adobe Acrobat and found these problems are solved by PDFfiller.

Here we’ve provided Adobe and PDFfiller comparison based on a short list of features mentioned in user reviews :

Adobe Acrobat DC PDFfiller
Allows you to only edit an uploaded document Enables the creation of professional business documents from scratch
Form distribution only works through email Integrates with Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive, distributing forms via QR Code or URL on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
Large file sizes can slow down the program and be troublesome for mobile users Offers a cloud-based mobile application
Saves PDFs at a smaller size, but that often means losing overall quality Provides a free PDF compressor
Makes you search for templates Provides a library of 25 million fillable forms

Thanks to G2 Crowd making a full survey of all the pros and cons, we can now access more benefits.

And speaking of PDFfiller, it’s also one of the top leaders for Best E-Signature Software and is included on the list of Best Products for Sales.

There is no doubt Adobe Acrobat DC is satisfying for a number of reasons. But when it comes to speeding up your workflow, Adobe doesn’t quite cut it. Choose a product that can solve your business problems and simultaneously yield you benefits.

With data provided in our customer case studies, it’s possible to say that within a small office, PDFfiller saves around 30 hours per month and over $23,000 a year. PDFfiller is not just an Adobe substitute, but the best solution for those who want more out of a document management platform.