PDFfiller and Google Drive: Even More to Love

Several of our recent blog posts have been exploring the budding relationship between Google and PDFfiller.  A review of the points of integration of Google functionality into the PDFfiller platform includes:

• The PDFfiller Google Chrome extension (read more in Extending your Editing Power Google Chrome Extension)
• The ‘Edit with Google’ tool (read more in A Match Made in Heaven)
• The PDFfiller Google Drive App (an option under Open With within Google Drive)
• The PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On (coming soon)

In this post we are going to continue our exploration of the possibilities with bachelor number three, the PDFfiller Google Drive App, which allows you to move documents into PDFfiller while working in Google Drive.

To start with, select a document in your Google Drive by checking the box next to it.  Drop down the ‘More’ tab, select ‘Open with’, and then look for ‘Connect more apps’.  Clicking on this takes you to Google Drive’s App Store, where you can type ‘PDFfiller’ in the Search Apps field.

When you see PDFfiller, hit the ‘Connect’ button.  Then the next time you go through the process of opening the ‘More’ tab and selecting ‘Open with’, a PDFfiller icon should be listed among your options.  When you click on that button, you will get a request for offline access to your document. If you answer yes, the document should appear in your ‘My Forms’ page, ready to edit, sign, and share using PDFfiller’s powerful document management tools.  For more on this process, check out the following video:



It is important to note that once you bring the document into PDFfiller, it is a separate version than the one saved on your Google Drive, and the edits you make using PDFfiller tools will not automatically show up on the version of the document saved in Google Drive. You can still access the word processing capacity of Google Docs using the ‘Edit with Google’ tool discussed in our prior post.  If you do, the changes you made will be saved in the version of the document in ‘My Forms’ when you hit the ‘Done’ button.

So now that you know how to move your documents seamlessly from Google Drive into PDFfiller, stay tuned for our next post on one more linkage point to explore –  the PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On.


Saginaw County Blood Search Warrants Go Paperless with PDFfiller

Welcome to PDFfiller’s Whitepaper series!

Saginaw County Blood Search Warrants Go Paperless with PDFfiller

Abstract: When Saginaw County 70th District Court and local law enforcement organizations were looking for a better way to obtain judge’s signatures for blood search warrants for drunk drivers, fast document turnaround was their main priority.  In order to streamline the after-hours process for filling, sending and signing warrant forms, they implemented a new and improved system using PDFfiller.  The new system, which increased efficiency while saving time and money, has broad implications for agencies interested in converting to cloud-based document management systems.

For the complete paper, click on the link below:

pdf  Saginaw County Blood Search Warrant Whitepaper


PDFfiller and Google Docs: A Match Made in Heaven

Do you ever long for a more harmonious union…between your favorite software platforms? Don’t you think that document management would be easier if your favorite programs would just, you know, get along?  Well if you do, you are in luck.  There are actually four new ways that you can take advantage of the integration of Google Docs functionality into the PDFfiller platform, allowing you to use all the great tools that each program has to offer.  These four new points of integration include:

• The PDFfiller Google Chrome extension (you can read more about this here)
• ‘Edit with Google’ tool (within PDFfiller’s platform)
• The PDFfiller Google Drive App (an option under ‘Open With’ within Google Drive)
• The PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On (coming soon)

In this post we are going to concentrate on the second feature or the ‘Edit with Google’ tool which is found on the PDFfiller ‘My Forms’ page.  This is the tool you’ll use when you are working within PDFfiller and need to make use of the full word processing capacity of Google Docs.  To start with, the option to edit with Google will be accessible only when you have a doc file saved in My Forms in your PDFfiller account.  Once you have uploaded a doc to My Forms and the box next to it is checked, you’ll notice an Edit with Google icon becomes available.



When you click on that icon, it takes you to a window that has the full Google Docs word processing toolbar.  Using this toolbar you can make any text and formatting changes that you typically make when working with Google Docs.  Any changes that you make to the document while editing within Google Docs will automatically be saved to the document when you hit the orange ‘Done’ button and return to the ‘My Forms’ page within the PDFfiller.

While editing in Google Docs, you’ll also still have access to the PDFfiller export tools that you know and love.  Running along the top of the window, you’ll see a sign ‘Editing Document with Google Docs, and if you press the orange ‘Done’ button you’ll see the familiar PDFfiller icons which allow you to print the document you are working on, send it with pMail, fax, save it as a PDF, share it, use the SendtoSign function, or return to ‘My Forms’.


Editing with Google Docs


Get the best of both worlds and start taking advantage of the Google Doc’s word processing capacity without ever having to leave PDFfiller!  For more on how Google Docs integration allows for the creation of new PDF documents and signature workflows with existing documents in Google Drive, stay tuned for our next installment of A Match Made in Heaven.

US Passports and Holiday Travel: Time to Renew?

As we gear up for the holiday season, some of you may be making plans for international travel (perhaps someplace warm?).  Because of administrative backlog around the holidays, it’s a good time to think about taking action regarding your passports.  The most important questions to ask yourself are: do you need to obtain a new US passport, or does your old passport need to be renewed?

The routine processing time for a passport is 4-5 weeks, while the expedited processing can take 2-3 weeks and cost an additional $60.  If you are really in a rush, the best option is to get it expedited at an agency where it can still take up to 5 days.  According to the US State Department, you should renew your passport approximately nine months before it expires if possible. Whatever your situation is, it’s important to remember that this is not something you should leave till the last minute!

In addition to being required for international travel, a passport can serve as a primary identification card in lieu of a driver’s license, and can also be used to apply for other types of vital documents.  Since 2007, the US has been issuing e-passports, which have a small integrated circuit or “chip” embedded in the back cover along with additional anti-fraud and security features.  According to the US Department of State, the uniquely-numbered chip has a biometric identifier that facilitates the use of facial recognition technology, and a digital signature to protect the stored information from alteration.

While this kind of electronic passport is said to be engineered to prevent ‘skimming’ or ‘eavesdropping’ of personal information, if it’s lost or stolen it should still be reported immediately by filling out a Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport Form DS-64.  Also, according to the U.S. passport office, electronic passports cannot be amended. That means that you’ll need to get a new passport if you change your name, need to extend a limited passport, or need a correction in the descriptive information.

If you do need a new passport, you can fill out an application for a New US Passport Application Form DS-11 online.  For more tips on filling out the form, check out the video below.  Otherwise to renew a passport before its expiration date, you’ll need to fill out Passport Renewal Form DS-82.  More details regarding passports, travel visas, and travel restrictions can be found at  Get started filling out your forms with PDFfiller today.  We wish you happy holidays and and bon voyage!



Sign and Request Signatures for your PDFs — PDFfiller Newsletter 3


Hi there,Have you noticed something new at
PDFfiller? In this newsletter we’ll introduce you to our Google Chrome Extension, our new functions SendToSign & Share, and the new Signature Manager & Address Book.
Top people
Shopper Approved Rating We have reached a milestone of over 2500+ five-star ratings. A huge “Thank you” to all our customers that have taken the time to give their feedback. Check out what others are saying about PDffiller here.

We Have Some Exciting Additions

Google Chrome Extension

Chrome ExtentionWith this new trick you will no longer have to download attachments, save and search for files, or upload documents to your account. Simply add the PDFfiller extention to your Chrome Browser and:

Chrome Extention Option 1Chrome Extention Option 2

The document will instantly open in the PDFfiller editor ready for
you to add text, highlight, sign, and more!

Get You Chrome Extension

New signature manager

Rachel C Rachel C had never liked the way eSignatures looked when they were typed – and as an administrator telecommuting from her home in Annapolis, MD, boy did she have some signing to do!“ – With PDFfiller, I used the new Signature Manager to create a signature by drawing straight on my tablet – I did it from home and was signing documents from my kitchen! I love being able to get my work done from anywhere!”

Share and SendToSign are Ready for You to Try

Big Scheme Share Documents

Collaborate in editing the same document with up to 10 colleagues. Everyone you invite will get an invitation and instructions on how to access the collaborative workspace from anywhere.

No need to pre-register or sign up. Use all the power of PDFfiller’s editing and signature tools to get the job done quickly. See the history of all the changes. Once done, print, fax or download the finished document.

Send Documents to be Signed

Scheme 1


Send a unique copy of
a document to be signed.

Scheme 2

Send to Each

Send a document to be
signed in a specific order.

Scheme 3

Send to Many

Send a document to
be signed in any order.

NOTE: You can send to up to 20 recipients. You will receive a confirmation email as each document is signed.

Eddie Realtor Eddie R used PDFfiller to close the deal on a house sale in Erie, PA using PDFfiller’s SendtoEach function.“ – It was great – all I had to do was indicate in PDFfiller’s interface that the Offer to Purchase and Contract should be signed by the seller, then the buyer, and then sent back to my office. If you have a signature process which requires multiple steps, I highly recommend it”
Mary Mary Q just saved herself a lot of time and trouble by using PDFfiller’s SendtoMany function to get non-disclosure agreements signed by all the employees in her small tech start-up. Mary says:“ – I wish I had started using PDFfiller ages ago! It has made such a difference in the turn-around time for getting our documents signed. Plus, it has been a huge step in terms of developing a paperless workflow for our office”

New Address Book Look

Address Book Last but not least, Use PDFfiller’s Address Book to automatically add email addresses from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Outlook account. You can access these contacts when you send documents for signing or sharing with your colleagues.
Check out the Address Book here.

Get ready to edit and share documents in a whole new way.

Get started with our new features today!

PDFfiller Team