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How to Get Vocational Rehabilitation with the VA Form 28 1902w

VA Form 28 1902w: Rehabilitation Needs Inventory

Many people experience difficulties when finding a job. Sometimes their efforts are unsuccessful even if they have a good education and adequate work experience. The task can be even more difficult for veterans, as they may have disabilities that prevent them from fulfilling their job duties. However, veterans who want to develop their professional skills can apply for vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits. A lot of governmental programs provide such services. Special trainings will help these people to review the professional skills and develop a resume and assist with a specific educational program for finding new job possibilities or starting their own business. The first step that a veteran should do on the path leading to these new opportunities is to complete the Rehabilitation Needs Inventory (VA 28-1902w form). Let’s talk about it in detail.

Who needs a VA Form 28 1902w?

Every veteran can fill out this form to get some educational and vocational rehabilitation benefits. If the veteran needs help completing the form, another person can fill it in on his behalf. This form is needed for the VA’s Educational and Career Counseling program to help the veterans get the most effective use of their benefits.

What is the VA Form 28 1902w for?

The VA 28-1902 form is used to provide veterans with new career and vocational opportunities. The Department of Veteran Affairs uses the information in this form to find the appropriate job or educational program for a veteran.

Is the VA Form 28 1902w accompanied by other forms?

The veteran should attach his resume to this form if he has it.

When is the VA Form 28 1902w due?

The veteran can fill out and send this form whenever there is a need. The estimated time for filling out this form is 45 minutes.

How do I fill out the fillable VA 28-1902w form?

The person who is completing the form should provide the following information:

  • Personal information (name, current address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, marital status, gender, dependents, nickname, emergency contact information, the veteran’s expectations, participation in a VA programs);
  • Employment information (civilian employment history and military work history);
  • Information about education and training (civilian and military schools and training);
  • Description of his disabilities in order of severity (service-connected disability, non-service connected disability, the effect of disabilities on the work duties, improvement of disability, compensations, pending claims);
  • Information about the medical treatment the veteran received or is receiving (condition, name of VA or private medical facility, prescribed medications, medical needs, adaptive equipment);
  • Additional information (living situation, mode of transportation, valid driver’s license, willingness to relocate for a job, history of legal issues, substance abuse issues).

The veteran (or the person who assists him) should sign and date the form.

Where do I send the VA Form 28 1902w?

The applicant should send this form to the US Department of Veteran Affairs.

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How to Support your Notable Fellow Soldier with DA Form 638

DA Form 638: Recomendation for Award

In the United States Army it is common to recommend your fellow soldier for an award if you have witnessed him making an act that you are convinced is worth being commended. To do so, a special procedure must be followed, as is prescribed by Army Regulation 600-8-22. According to this regulation, the recommender must use the US Department of the Army DA Form 638 and file the requisite supporting documents. In this blog post we will go into details of this procedure.

Who needs a DA Form 638?

A military servant (regardless of rank) having personal knowledge of an outstanding act, achievement or service for which it is worth awarding a decoration has the right and obligation to submit a recommendation to military command channels for consideration. However, a soldier may not recommend themselves for an award, as the Army does not condone self-recognition.

What is the purpose of DA Form 638?

A DA 638 form is a US Army form used to recommend a soldier for an award. The form will be filled out in stages: while initiating, processing and approving the award recommendations. This form is appropriate in most cases except for recommendations for awards for heroism, valor, or wartime, which require a separate process for recommendation.

Is the DA 638 accompanied by other forms?

By the AR Regulation 638, the appropriately completed form DA-638 requires filing some additional documentation too:

  • Narrative description of meritorious service or achievement for awards including thorough details of the action;
  • Proposed citation and its supporting documents;
  • Certificates, affidavits, or sworn statements that can serve as eyewitness statements;
  • Supporting documents in the form of records, extracts, sketches, maps, diagrams, and photographs that can prove the act of heroism. (All such documents, if originally in color, should be provided in color, not as black and white photocopies);
  • Recommendations from all intermediate level commanders, if any.

When is the DA 638 due?

The time limit for recommending the award is two years following the act, achievement or service considered worth recognition.

How do I fill out the DA Form 638?

Submission of the DA 638 is initiated by the person who is aware of the act or achievement worth acknowledgement. This person has to identify the military member who would receive the award (Soldier) and himself (Recommender) and provide their contact information and data, along with an explanation of the achievements. When filled out, the form must then be delivered to the immediate commander or supervisor of the soldier for further action. All this information is followed by the documentation of approval through the chain of command. Once signed by the intermediate authorities, the form is delivered to the Approval Authority, which is the Company Commander. All stages of the form’s handling are clearly described on pages 54-56 of the Regulation AR 600-8-22.

Where do I send the DA Form 638?

The filled-out form is sent to the United States Army Department to be evaluated. In case of a positive response, the necessary actions will be taken.

Search Within a Fillable PDF Documents

Search Within a Document While Editing It Online

We at PDFfiller are working hard to improve our product, to make it even more convenient for our users. One of our latest developments is a search tool. Using this tool, you can find a word or a phrase in a PDF document. Now you will save even more time editing or annotating your PDFs because our search tool not only finds words, but also enables you to erase, highlight, and black them out.

Activating the Search Tool

To activate the Search tool, click the Search button on the main toolbar or press CTRL+F on your keyboard.

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The search toolbar will appear under the editing tools.

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Finding Words

Type the text you want to find in the search field. The counter will show you the total number of search terms found in the document and the ordinal number of the current search term. The current search term is highlighted in green, the others in red.

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To jump to the next instance of the search term, click the down arrow; to go to the previous instance, click the up arrow.

Deleting, Highlighting, and Redacting

To delete the current search term, click Erase.

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To highlight the current search term, click Highlight.

X PDFfiller, PDF search tool, PDFfiller search tool, search within PDF document, edit a PDF document, edit a PDF online

To black out the search term, click Blackout.

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It should be noted that the Search tool finds words in the original text only; it does not search the text that you’ve added editing the document.

Learn More

If you like being able to find words or phrases in PDF documents, you might be interested in a range of other great features that PDFfiller has to offer. Some of these include adding sticky notes, text boxes, and pictures. You can also email, SMS, or fax your documents, as well as share them using our unique LinkToFill feature. Check out these tutorials to learn more about the other great features PDFfiller offers!

Handling Patient Intake Forms at a Surgical Practice


New York Bariatric Group is a surgical group specializing in weight loss. They perform gastric bypass, lap band, gastric sleeve procedures as well as other surgical and nonsurgical bariatric procedures.

Surgeries are performed laparoscopically in-house with a team of seven surgeons spread working across six offices throughout New York with one in Connecticut. NYBG also gives consultations and psychological and nutritional advice through out-patient care at their offices.

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The Problem

whitepaper, NYBG, pdffiller, patient intake forms, document management, paperless, paperless office, paperless worflow

New York Bariatric Group (NYBG) had a problem: with dozens of patients everyday but only seven surgeons, NYBG was struggling to get patients out of the waiting room and to the point of care efciently. Doctors, already overloaded, ended up waiting for patients to fill out forms and be processed by the front ofce staf meaning there were gaps and delays in their fully booked schedule.

Based in New York City, NYBG’s patients were in a rush and so too were their doctors. With only seven surgeons to care for the huge patient intake, time was at a premium. NYBG needed a streamlined document solution that could help them process more patients more quickly.

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Document with title Patient Intake Forms

As in most doctor’s offices, NYBG patients were required to fill out paper forms by hand in the waiting room, but that process was time consuming, inefficient and frustrating for the patients and staff. Before NYBG started using PDFfiller, the only alternative options for patients was either to download and complete an intake form at home by hand or make a separate trip into the office before their appointment to pick up a printed form. These options posed a few problems: patients didn’t have the time or inclination to stop by the office before their appointment and for the fraction of patients that completed the form and brought it into the office, the NYBG staff still had to manually input the information into their EMR system.

Double quotes

“We were emailing patients a PDF file — that would require them to print it, fill it out manually and bring it back in. We found only 10% of people were doing it. So it was an exercise in futility.”

– Jon Libasci, practice administrator

Before NYBG started using PDFfiller, Jon Libasci, the practice administrator, said, “we were emailing patients a PDF file — that would require them to print it, fill it out manually and bring it back in. We found only 10% of people were doing it. So it was an exercise in futility.”

Double quotes

“We were thinking of different ways to get paperwork-intensive stuff away from patients sitting a half hour with all this paperwork, and get this stuff into an electronic format.”

– Jon Libasci, practice administrator

Frustrated by the fact that their surgeons were unable to treat their patients as well or as efficiently as possible, NYBG went looking for a solution that would make the patient intake process easier for their patients, front-office staff, and doctors. “[We were] thinking of different ways to get paperwork-intensive stuff away from patients sitting a half hour with all this paperwork,” said Libasci, “[We wanted to] get this stuff into an electronic format.”

Then, NYBG found PDFfiller.


PDFfiller: a seamless patient intake form and more

Faced with the need to efficiently process patient intake forms, New York Bariatric Group needed a simple, secure solution. They turned to PDFfiller.

NYBG uses PDFfiller every day to collect crucial medical information from their clients. Every day, the data and documents uploaded through PDFfiller are downloaded directly into NYBG’s EMR system.

The process is easy and HIPAA compliant: NYBG uploaded their forms to PDFfiller, drew fillable fields on top of the form using the PDFfiller fillable forms wizard, and made the fillable form available via a URL with one click. Customers simply click on the link, fill in the denoted fields, add their electronic signature using the PDFfiller digi-sign technology, and click the DONE button. The document is immediately submitted to NYBG and data is imported into the EMR.

Fig A. – Creating a filliable patient intake form with PDFfiller

Fig A. – Creating a filliable patient intake form with PDFfiller

Making a fillable form using PDFfiller is easy for any medical care facility or PDFfiller user — just select or upload your form, pick what kind of fillable field you want (text field, checkbox, date or signature), and choose whether you want this field to be required for submission. Drag and drop the field onto the document and you’re done. Adding fillable fields to an existing patient intake form takes just 10 minutes.

PDFfiller allows NYBG to create a “public-facing intake form” accessible by a link or QR code on their website that their patients can access and complete on any device from anywhere at anytime. These fillable, interactive PDFs give patients the ability to fill out the form and allow NYBG to receive the data, the signed forms and all requisite information electronically and in a timely manner.

Fig B. Creating a filliable public-facing intake form with PDFfiller.

Fig B. Creating a filliable public-facing intake form with PDFfiller.

“The key factor is allowing patients to type it on the computer,” (or any other mobile device) said Jon Libasci. With PDFfiller, NYBG gets “the necessary information that we need [without] having to have patients print out forms which is a barrier for getting this [information]… the idea that patients can fill out [intake forms] online and that we can receive them online,” is a powerful solution to a problem that had previously plagued NYBG.

Fig C. Filling patient intake form by the user with PDFfiller.

Fig C. Filling patient intake form by the user with PDFfiller.

PDFfiller Electronic forms are better than paper

PDFfiller forms are better than paper because they are full of features, easy to distribute, and completely secure. NYBG relies on PDFfiller’s ‘LinkToFill’ feature to create forms which are distributed electronically to patients, filled out by them online, and then returned and electronically processed in NYBG’s office. ‘LinkToFill’ enables NYBG to make fields in their patient intake form required or optional and also to assign names to different fields. “Enforcing the instructions that were the most important to us,” was crucial Libasci said. Documents can also be signed through PDFfiller online and using LinkToFill to “enforce the field for signature,” for instance, which is a crucial component in sending personal medical documents, “has been the latest and greatest help for us,” said Libasci.

PDFfiller also allows NYBG to create ‘duplicate fields’ — once enabled, this feature allows NYBG to assign certain fields that pop up throughout the form, such as name or date, to be automatically filled in after being completed once by the patient. This cuts down the time that patients spend filling in repetitive information and makes sure that the information is always accurate.

Moreover, PDFfiller enables care providers and businesses like NYBG to request the name and email address of the person completing the form before submission. This ensures that the person completing the form can be properly identified and contacted after submission. NYBG has opted to make this an integral part of their electronic form completion process, a decision that has helped them organize data and communicate with clients more efciently.

NYBG uses PDFfiller every day to process patient forms and has rapidly improved the efciency of their ofce through PDFfiller’s digital solutions. PDFfiller’s electronic document completion and sending services “really makes communication with the patient easier,” Libasci said.

PDFfiller Electronic forms are better than web-forms

PDFfiller’s electronic forms are an improvement to the webforms that some organizations use. PDFfiller’s online forms take less time to produce than webforms because all you need to do to make them fillable is add fields on top of your existing documents. Unlike web forms, PDFfiller’s online forms also preserve the formatting of existing forms and keep pictures and information exactly where you intended them to be.

Moreover, you can annotate PDFfiller’s online forms and add data wherever you wish. Gone are the demands of hosting a document on your own website — instead, just upload your document to PDFfiller, where customers or patients can complete it securely from any internet-connected device anywhere without taxing your servers or site.


Purple cloud with PDFfiller logo inside it on top of paper forms

PDFfiller offers a number of features to NYBG — but these numerous benefits are applicable to many business and medical care providers.

white clock icon in meaning of speed


PDFfiller enables NYBG to collect client data more quickly and efficiently. NYBG’s use of PDFfiller’s LinkToFill Fillable Forms enables an unlimited number of clients to fill out and then submit unique forms electronically in a fast and secure manner. NYBG uses a client-facing form to receive and process all of their patient information digitally, greatly expediting their data collection process.

white form icon inside purple circle


PDFfiller is the most precise way to collate medical information. Master fields can be copied across the whole form, allowing patients to complete a field once and have that information automatically added in relevant places throughout the document, minimizing the chance of mistake and ensuring the document is completed as quickly as possible. Moreover, text can be spell checked throughout the document. And most important, PDFfiller’s electronic document completion solution mitigates the chance of potentially compromising misprints or illegibility, an especially important factor in medical care.

Form on top of laptop with purple screen
white bag of money icon

Cost Savings

Expediting patient intake and consolidating the data collection process has saved NYBG time and meant that their surgeons can now attend to more patients. “The efficiency of having this information and assuring that the patients are filling in forms before they come in saves money throughout the continuum of care, Libasci said. “Anytime we’re not sitting around waiting for a patient to fill out paperwork is money saved and it means we can see more patients a day.”

white check icon inside purple circle


PDFfiller’s digital answer to document submission means that the NYBG office has been able to eliminate the waste and inefficiency of paper-based patient intake forms and allowed their office to go completely paperless. That “patients can fill forms out online and we can receive them online,” is an important factor in making the patient intake process as efficient and effective as possible, said Libasci.

Not only is this patient information automatically collected and stored by NYBG’s office, but it also has the potential to be easily accessed by the doctors themselves through tablets and in-room computers. “Doctors have the ability to access the file,” said Libasci, “so access is an important feature.”

Form with shield icon
white bag of money icon

Ease of Use

NYBG wanted to make the patient intake process faster for patients and easier for themselves. Rather than the slow and clumsy alternatives, NYBG decided to use PDFfiller. PDFfiller’s easy and intuitive online services meant that more clients were able to fill out the intake documents more quickly. Having all of this information digitized made it easily accessible to NYBG doctors and staff who can now access it instantly anywhere in the office, from the front desk to the examining room.

white shield icon inside purple circle


Information and access however, are potential liabilities for an establishment that demands patient security. PDFfiller is, however, HIPAA compliant — an “extremely” important attribute of the service, said Libasci — “any audit or breach of HIPAA is extremely troublesome for a medical practice.” PDFfiller’s client security is a crucial factor when integrating it into a sensitive business or medical care provider.

Man in headphones and business suit (typical support center guy) on top of paper form
white headphones insidle purple circle

Customer Service

PDFfiller offers a range of simple and advanced features with customer service that enables clients to make the most of all of them. In fact, customer service was one of the most important factors when NYBG decided to make PDFfiller an integral part of their office; the level of customer service PDFfiller provides “was instrumental [in] getting online” and integrating new services into their existing business. Besides providing direct support, PDFfiller listens to its customers and the feedback NYBG provided has, in fact, been integrated directly into the service that all PDFfiller clients are using.


The range of services PDFfiller offers, especially the HIPAA compliant ability to complete documents, add signatures and transmit documents electronically made PDFfiller an ideal choice for solving NYBG’s issues. The level of customer service and security meant that NYBG faced no difficulty or risk integrating PDFfiller into their workflow. Enabling patients to complete and sign their forms online streamlines the patient data collection process. The ability to automatically collect and then centralize this information by downloading and exporting the data in digital form has also cut down on NYBG’s office work and overhead, enabling them to consolidate and process this information in an ideal manner.

For medical establishments like New York Bariatric Group, PDFfiller’s range of services made it an ideal solution for communicating with their customers and collecting their information in a quick and secure way.

“The key point,” said Libasci, “is it saves time and time is money and it really has excellent customer service that benefits both the office and the patients.”

With PDFfiller you save 4 hours per Week on work with documents

For the complete paper, click on the link below:

pdf Handling Patient Intake Forms at a Surgical Practice

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Suggest a reasonable price with the BPO 1092 Form

Freddie Mac 1092: Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) Form

The real estate purchase and sale transaction can be influenced by various circumstances, from a simple desire to change one’s place of living to an inability to pay the mortgage. In the latter case, the deal is very likely to be closed as a Short Sale, which is favourable to a seller, as it helps reduce the chance of foreclosure. Therefore, a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) is essential as it contributes to the propriety of the price for the real estate in question. The Broker’ Price Opinion can be made in two ways: by entering the residential property or by doing a drive-by evaluation without estimating the interior of the real estate property. Therefore, the evaluation can result in either the Drive-By Broker’s Price Opinion or the Interior BPO. There is a special form that should be filled out to record the professional’s opinion of a reasonable price. In this blog post we will take a closer look at the Freddie Mac 1092 form, which helps denote the BPO.

Who needs a Broker’s Price Opinion form (Freddie Mac 1092)?

Any person interested in selling or buying real estate can order the evaluation of property they are interested in. This assessment is carried out by an appraiser using the BPO form. Also, this real estate appraisal can be performed for transactions related to obtaining credit or changing credit conditions.

What is the Broker’s Price Opinion form for?

This form gives an idea of the overall condition of the property and its value. Depending upon the type of evaluation ordered, the form may be used as the Interior or as the Drive-by Broker’s Price Opinion form. If the interior evaluation is made, all types of repairs that must be done are taken into account. Also, the interior BPO form contains reviews of a competing property and several deals closed in the area. This information allows estimation, not only of the property itself, but also of the overall situation in the real estate market in the area. The Drive-by BPO is made based on what the broker manages to evaluate from the exterior of the real property while driving by.

Is the Broker’s Price Opinion form accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany the Drive-by BPO or the Interior BPO form by any other forms when they are submitted immediately after the evaluation. However, the overall transaction to be properly recorded must be documented in the package of the relevant documents.

When is the Broker’s Price Opinion form due?

The expiration term of this evaluation is six months — if the period is longer, one should consider that the assessment may not reflect the actual value or condition of the property

How do I fill out Broker’s Price Opinion form?

This fillable BPO template contains the following points to be filled out:

  • Subject property description;
  • Estimate of repairs needed for subject property;
  • Neighborhood review;
  • Value Estimation;
  • Competitive listing and closed sales.

Where do I send Broker’s Price Opinion form?

The completed Broker’s Opinion should be directed to the property owner (the seller) and the person who ordered the BPO (if it is not the same individual as the seller).