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Don’t Take It On Trust Alone; Complete Rent Receipt Form

Rent Receipt Form: evidence of compliance with the payment terms.

Having found a person who seems to be a perfect tenant or landlord can appear a true relief if the process of closing the rental deal has taken a long time and much effort. However, even though the situation may seem settled now for both Parties (Landlord and Tenant) it is very important to always make sure that all the terms and conditions of the legally binding relationship of the mentioned type are properly followed. And, logically, the cornerstone of the worry-free lease transaction is making and receiving the timely payments. In case a misunderstanding arises between the Parties and it becomes necessary to resolve it in a legal way, the first thing a lawyer should check is whether all due payments were made in a proper way and time. A Rent Receipt is what to come in handy as evidence of compliance with the payment terms. Let’s check how its usage is going to help out either of the Parties to the rental agreement.

Who needs a Rent Receipt Form?

The Rent Receipt Form is an important document for both parties to the lease agreement. It is to be signed by the Landlord or their authorized Agent so as to confirm the amount of rent payment and its date.

Is Rent Receipt Form accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to support the Rent Receipt by any other documents. However, if the very first payment of the rent is meant, it is very likely to be used as an accompaniment for the rental agreement.

When is Rent Receipt Form due?

The Rent Receipt as well as all other types of receipts are due at the moment of paying the rent. The due date and the amount of the payment are to be indicated as one of the most important provisions of the lease agreement. And depending whether it is a yearly lease, month-to month, or week-to-week rent, the payment can be made either once in every 30 days or once a week.

How do I fill out Rent Receipt Form?

The completed receipt form must legibly indicate:

  • the date when the payment is made;
  • the person receiving the rent (the Landlord);
  • the address;
  • the sum;
  • the period paid for;
  • the balance due (if it is a long-term lease);
  • the mode of payment (cash, check, money order).

Finally, the Landlord or their Agent must sign the receipt.

What do I do with the completed Rent Receipt Form?

The two original copies of the Rent Receipt form must be filled out. One of them should be given to the Tenant making the payment, and the other – is to be retained by the Landlord. All the issued rent receipts must be kept by both Parties to the rental agreement until it is in effect.

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Pay the Construction Workers Right with the WH 347 Certified Payroll Form

Certified payroll reports Form WH-347.

By the US federal law, known as the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, all contractor and subcontractor employers are obliged to submit weekly certified payroll reports to prove their project compliance with government contracts. The form to be submitted for such purposes is issued by the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division and is labelled WH-347 Form. In our blog post we will explain how to make use of this form.

Who needs a Certified Payroll form?

The Certified Payroll Form should be used by contractors engaged in government funded construction projects to file certified weekly payrolls for contracts to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act.

The legal requirements of Regulations (29 C.F.R., Subtitle A) state that the certified payrolls should be submitted using the standard especially created WH-347 form, or contractors and subcontractors can use their own payroll forms given they contain all the data from the standard WH-347 form.

What is the Certified Payroll form (WH-347) for?

It is required that contractors and subcontractors performing work under Federally financed or assisted construction contracts, should furnish a weekly statement regarding the wages paid to each employee during the previous week. The United States Department of Labor reviews the information to make sure that employees have received legally required wages and fringe benefits.

Is the Certified Payroll form  accompanied by other forms?

The WH-347 form is accompanied by a signed “Statement of Compliance” indicating that the payrolls are correct and complete and that each laborer or mechanic has been paid not less than the proper Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rate for the work performed.

When is the Certified Payroll form (WH-347) due?

The United States Department of Labor requires contractors to submit a copy of the Certified Payroll form, or its established substitute on a weekly basis.

How do I fill out the Certified Payroll form?

As the WH-347 requires indicating a lot of information and correct calculations, it should be completed with careful attention.

In details, the following data must be covered in the properly completed WH-347 form:

  • whether it is a contractor or a subcontractor who is filing the WH-347 Payroll form, the filer’s firm’s name and address;
  • payroll number;
  • the end date of the week paid for;
  • project and location;
  • project or contract number.

The next block is a table that must contain such details and calculations:

  • Name and individual identifying number of worker;
  • Number of withholding exemptions;
  • Work classification;
  • Date of work and amount of hours worked;
  • Pay rate;
  • Gross amount earned;
  • Deductions;
  • And finally, net wages paid weekly.

The second page of the form should bear the date and signature of the signatory party and their authorization, fringe benefits and exemptions.

Where do I send the Certified Payroll form (WH-347)?

The completed Certified Payroll form should be sent to the nearest United States Department of Labor office.

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Got Injured at Work? No Need to Panic with OWCP Form!

Office of Workers’ Compensation form OWCP 957: Medical Travel Refund Request

Even though employers are required to provide not only comfortable working conditions but safety and security in the workplace for their employees, some accidents and incidents sometimes have place. For the purpose to prove their being responsible for the workers safety employers must compensate not only the cost of medication and treatment if a worker got injured, but also all the additional inevitable expenses, like medical travelling. To Request the Medical Travel Refund an employee who has suffered in a workplace accident must file US Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Compensation form OWCP 957, which is actually called “Medical Travel Refund Request”. In this blog post, we will tell you how to use this form.

Who needs a Medical Travel Refund Request Form?

As it has been mention, the US Department of Labor issues the Form 957. A claimant of the Refund Request can be only a person who suffered in the work-related accident and they have to travel either to see a doctor, receive the medical services or medication related to an already established work-related illness. The grounds for the compensation of the impelled medical travel are any and all of the following:

  • Doctor Appointments
  • Medical Testing or Procedure Visits
  • Lab Visits
  • Prescription Pick-up, etc.

What is OWCP 957 Form for?

The 957 Form is required to be filled out an injured worker if they want all their travel expenses related to the injury or illness acknowledged as “work-related” to be compensated according to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program. Yet the claimed transportation expenses have to be reasonable. For instance, the claimant should use public transport if it doesn’t harm their condition, or the roundtrip distance should not exceed 100 miles. If these conditions cannot be fulfilled it is necessary to obtain a relevant pre-approval of such expenses.

Is Medical Travel Refund Request accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany the form by any other forms, yet some attachment are required. All the original receipts for claimed expenses must be provided, and besides, each original receipt must bear the claimant’s full name and Social Security Number. By the way it is strongly recommended to ask your attending physician, medical provider or a pharmacy, for a printout confirming how often you paid visits there.

When is OWCP Form 957 due?

The form should cover the expenses held within throughout one year. However, it is should kept in mind that only up to three trips can be claimed on one form. Otherwise, the 957 Form does not have a particular deadline for submission.

How do I fill out OWCP Form 957?

To be properly completed the Form 957 must provide the following information:

  • Claimant’s full name and case/claim number;
  • Payee’s full name ( if it is not the same person as a claimant);
  • Claimant’s or payee’s address;
  • Details of travel, including dates, modes, expenses (up to three trips can be covered)
  • Payee’s certification (signature and date)

Where do I send Medical Travel Refund Request Form?

The completed form along with all the required attachments should be sent to the US Department of Labor to the exact address: Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC) Central Mailroom PO Box 8300, London, KY 40742-8300, or it can also be submitted electronically at

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No Strings Attached With Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

How to Fill Out Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Form

Whenever a rent of any property, not necessarily residential, is at a question, it is always advisable to secure the rights and obligations of the parties entering into an agreement to prevent or eliminate all the possible unpleasant occurrences. The bigger money is at stake in a particular rental deal, the more thorough the undertaking should be. In this blog post, we will figure out what a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Form is.

To resolve a bigger and more important part of the rental agreement procedure, real estate agents involved in the agreement make use of various rental agreements. We can divide rental agreements, depending on their terms, into two categories: short-term and long-term agreements. The agreements whose term is shorter than a year fall into the first category; and if they provide for an automatic renewal, they can be deemed to be periodic.

Who needs a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Form?

It is difficult to say that one of the parties to the rental agreement (landlord and tenant) needs completion of the agreement to a greater extent than the other. This is because all the rental agreements are created in such a way so as to legally bind the parties to fulfill the mutual obligations and carry the same level of responsibility in case of a failure to do so.

Is Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Form accompanied by other forms?

A Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement serves as a primary document recording the residential rental transaction; it can also be used as the only document confirming the deal. Whether or not this form requires an accompaniment is to be discussed and decided by the parties, too.

In either case, the documents to support the primary agreement or be required in the process of closing the deal may include the following:

  • An application to rent or lease;
  • Landlord’s disclosure statement;
  • Rental history report; and
  • Offer to rent, etc.

When does Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement expire?

Logically, taking into account the name of the contract, Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement is to expire in a month after its completion. It is to be prolonged with every next rent payment made by the tenant to the landlord. If the payment is not made the rent should be considered terminated. However, if either a tenant decides to move out, or a landlord wants them to do so, an advance notice of the termination of the agreement must be provided to the other party. The due date for such a notice should be discussed in a particular case; the standard deadline though is 30 days before the desired move out date.

What information should be provided on Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement?

  • The parties;
  • The residential property;
  • The financial details;
  • Utility charges;
  • Pets; and
  • Rights and responsibilities of the parties, etc.

What do I do with the Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement after its completion?

The Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement must be completed in two original copies to be retained by the parties: one – for the Landlord, and the other – for the Tenant. A copy is to be also made for the real estate agent (or agents) involved in the deal.

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AIA G702 Form: Settling Payment Formalities in Construction

AIA G702 Form: Application and Certificate for Payment.

The business relationships between the owner of the construction project and its contractors are governed by many official documents. Today’s review is devoted to one of the most often-used documents in construction projects – the AIA G702 Form. In a series of subsequent blog posts we will review other key documents that may be used in construction projects.

Who needs an AIA G702 Form?

AIA Form G702, Application and Certificate for Payment, is designed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to be used in dealings between the contractor and the customer for specific building projects. By means of the AIA Form G702, the contractor, based on analysis of the current status of the building project, certifies to the owner that the work on the project is progressing in accordance with the project contract and the contractor is entitled to payment of the amount specified in the form.

What is AIA G702 Form for?

The AIA Form G702 is used for payment in connection with a construction contract. The form consists of two main blocks which are the Contractor’s Application for Payment and the Architect’s Certificate for Payment. The owner uses the information provided to evaluate the progress of construction and the need to transfer money to the account of the contractor. If the owner has reasonable doubts about the quality and progress of construction, the payment can be delayed or even canceled.

Is AIA G702 Form accompanied by other forms?

In order to be a valid document, this form must be accompanied by the Continuation Sheet, AIA Form G703. Of course, the form must be preceded by the signing of the construction contract. If the parties (contractor and owner) have not previously entered into the contract, filling and submission of this form does not make sense on a legal basis.

How do I fill out AIA G702 Form?

The following blocks of the form must be filled out in order to complete the form:

  • Owner’s personal information;
  • Information on project;
  • Original contract sum;
  • Net change by Change Orders;
  • Total Completed & Stored to Date;
  • Retainage;
  • Current Payment Due;
  • Balance to Finish, Including Retainage.

After completing the Contractor’s Application for Payment section, the Architect’s Certificate for Payment must be signed. The explanation should be attached if the amount certified differs from the amount applied for.

Where do I send AIA G702 Form?

Once completed and signed, this Application and Certificate for Payment, AIA Form G702 should be directed to the project’s owner.