Signature Authentication with PDFfiller

Signature Authentication

Electronic signature technology is a growing part of doing business everywhere. As more and more institutions begin using electronic signatures, it’s important to understand how services like PDFfiller ensure the legality and security of your e-signatures in compliance with the ESIGN Act of 2000.

PDFfiller Stamp Verification

One of the most visible safeguards that PDFfiller provides is a “Verified by PDFfiller” stamp next to every signature. This Verified stamp appears both in the editor and on the final version of the document. It serves as a “proof of notarization”, showing that PDFfiller, as a neutral third party, has verified the time and date that a user signed the document.

If you’re the owner of a document, you can choose to remove the Verified stamp. However, users do not have the ability to remove signatures other users have added through a sharing option (such as SendToSign). This safeguard maintains the integrity of users’ signatures on documents used with PDFfiller.

SendToSign Signature Authentication Features

When you send a completed document using PDFfiller’s SendToSign feature, how do you ensure that the correct person signs your document? You can select the checkbox labelled “Require a photo for signature authentication” to require the recipient to include a photo of themselves taken via webcam after they sign. You can also stipulate that signers of the document include other documents by writing the name of the document in the section labelled “Request additional documents”.

For those users who need a record of signatures they receive through SendToSign, PDFfiller offers the Certificate feature, which contains a detailed report about who signed the document, when it was signed and returned, and important information about the document itself. The Certificate is available to download from the SendToSign History folder, and the owner of the document should retain copy of the Certificate for their record-keeping. Should the signature be contested in the future, the Certificate serves as an “associated record” that maintains the details of the electronic signature process.

For more about these security features, see our YouTube video explaining the SendToSign process:

Whether you’re signing a tax form, lease agreement, or contract, you want electronic signature software that’s easy to use and legally protected. PDFfiller has all the tools you need to sign and share your documents online, while giving you peace of mind about document security. If you’re ready to start signing your documents with a legal and secure electronic signature, check out PDFfiller!


Don’t Let “Free” Software Steal Your Time and Money Away

Should you update your “free” software or should you wait? How long will it take? What if you don’t like the new version of the software? What if it doesn’t work with your hardware? What if it doesn’t work with your documents and files? Can you uninstall it later?

Forget downloads, installs, updates! Make it someone else’s problem. Try cloud services instead.

Unlike some “free” software solutions like Foxit Reader and other downloadable programs, PDFfiller is a platform which enables you to do all your document management online. There’s no software downloading, installations, updating, or hidden bundles of any kind.  That means you can work from anywhere and on every kind of computer or operating system as long as your device is connected to the Internet.

Not only do you not have to install software, with PDFfiller you can get everything done within a single platform, including editing your documents, sharing documents with multiple recipients, sending them by eFax, or requesting signatures with SendToSign.  Our program updates happen instantly and automatically and you get them absolutely free!

With PDFfiller you no longer have to worry about managing your software and your documents at the same time.  So say goodbye to downloading or installing document management software and say hello to flexibility and convenience!


Don’t Compromise on Document Management for Your Business

Are you searching for a program to edit, store and share documents online? If so, you may be considering software options for your businesses’ document management needs. While free tools like PDFescape are great when you only need limited functionality, you may find them hard to use as a standalone option.  In contrast, PDFfiller is a full-featured document management solution that can meet all your personal and professional document management needs.

People that use free document management software frequently face document size restrictions, limitations on available storage space, and issues keeping documents accessible for future use. In contrast, PDFfiller offers each account free unlimited storage – customers can upload as many documents as they like.  We value the time and effort you spend on your work and we will never delete your documents.  Furthermore, our online form library will help you to find additional forms you may need, and keeps them in your online account for as long as you want.

While PDFescape and other free document management programs allow you to share your documents with others, PDFfiller can do so much more. Our software features a comprehensive editor that allows you to edit, annotate, and digitally sign documents. But our real strength lies in the many ways you can share your documents with colleagues for signature or collaboration. For example, our “SendToSign” feature enables you to send your document for signature to up to twenty recipients with options like photo authentication to ensure document security.  Once your document has been signed you can email, eFax, save an online copy, download or print it. To learn more about PDFfiller’s outstanding features, check out our comparison page here.

Document management is business critical, so you don’t want limits when you need to get the job done. Try PDFfiller today and get the power of an document management solution without limitations!


Secure Healthcare Documents with HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA, officially the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a 1996 law that dictates how documents containing patient healthcare information should be transmitted. For healthcare professionals and others who often handle sensitive healthcare information, compliance with HIPAA guidelines is an crucial part of their work, especially as more and more healthcare information becomes stored and transmitted electronically.

PDFfiller distinguishes itself from many other document management services by offering a HIPAA compliance option to all of its Business plan customers. Through stringent encryption standards as well as safety and reporting protocols, PDFfiller has made sure that its services meet all HIPAA standards regarding the storage and transmitting of health care information. Businesses can use features like PDFfiller’s online editor, SendToSign and eFax with healthcare documents without worrying about document compliance or security.

If you have a PDFfiller Business account, you can enable HIPAA compliance for all of your documents with just a few clicks. Check out our video below to find out how to activate HIPAA compliance:


Here we Gooo! Filling Faster with Fillable Forms

If you are familiar with PDFfiller’s editor, you probably have noticed that you can write and make annotations anywhere on any document.  But lately you may have encountered a document with editable or fillable text fields.  In fact, PDFfiller is in the process of converting our entire forms database to Fillable Forms for even greater filling speed and convenience!

Fillable Forms let you move efficiently between those predefined text fields without having to navigate your mouse to reposition your cursor each time.  This helps you fill fields more quickly and helps prevent the entry of typed text where it doesn’t belong.

In order to navigate with Fillable Forms, you can simply click on the field where you’d like to type. You then move between fields by pressing arrow icons or the tab key. Once you’ve selected your field, simply start typing in it!  You can also check selection boxes by clicking on them.  When you select a signature field in a fillable form, the Signature Manager will open and you can apply your signature to the document automatically.




And never fear! With Fillable forms, you always have access to all of PDFfiller’s power annotation tools so you can still highlight, erase, add images, draw and add text anywhere on the document. Try out our Fillable Forms and check out the following video for more info.