Achieving Document Management Excellence

Where free online editors like DocHub give you the ability to edit and send documents, PDFfiller is focused on making it easier and more convenient for you to manage your documents from start to finish. Offering more than twice the editing tools and nearly unlimited editing and sharing capabilities, PDFfiller users can manage documents anywhere, anytime, from any device!

With PDFfiller you’ll find a lot of details that will improve your work efficiency, especially with regards to activities like requesting signatures. For example, with our signature request tool  SendTosign, you can request digital signatures from up to twenty recipients on a single document, or you can send a unique copy of a document to each recipient to ask for their individual signature. SendToSign also lets you determine the signature order, and the permissions and security level of each document.

The advantage of PDFfiller lies not only in the sophistication of its tools but with its ease of use.  With its simple workflows, easy to understand instructions, and countless in-depth video tutorials, PDFfiller eliminates learning curves so you can quickly and easily edit, sign, save, and send your documents without wasting a lot of time. If you get stuck, PDFfiller offers world-class 24/7/365 support that includes live Instant Chat with a dedicated support team. Other platforms leave you searching through a clunky knowledge base, waiting for an email response, or even having to rely on other users to solve the problem.

If attention to the details reflects the value you give to your work, let PDFfiller showcase the time and effort you put in by providing you with a wider range of options and more professional results.  Explore our comprehensive editing, organizational and sharing features and graduate to online document management excellence!


The Paperless World Scholarship Program

Are you or is someone you know searching for ways to fund a college education? If so we have an exciting opportunity to share with you. PDFfiller is proud to announce:

The Paperless World Scholarship Program

PDFfiller’s new scholarship program will help undergraduate students further their education and generate ideas that promote productivity, transparency, and efficiency in governance and business in their countries of origin. The scholarship is aimed at secondary school students from developing countries who plan to attend university in the US.

To enter to win the scholarship, you must write an essay about one of the following topics. The best essay will apply imagination to real-world issues in business and government. The two topics are:

1. How can online document management technology like PDFfiller be used to improve governance in your country? Be specific regarding possible applications and benefits.

2. Describe how e-records could transform the way business is done in a particular industry. Be specific regarding the best way to integrate paperless technologies to achieve maximum effect.

PDFfiller will award US$2,500 for the winning essay entry. Winners will be announced on August 15, 2015 and may be featured on the PDFfiller blog. For more information on eligibility and how to participate, please visit our Scholarship Page.

We look forward to learning from future student leaders about the ways going paperless will help to change the world!

pMail, Pages, Date & Signature – Newsletter 5

Seamless Document Management with pMail

Give your friends the power of PDFfiller with pMail.  pMail enables you to seamlessly share documents with colleagues without leaving the platform.

Rearrange, Rotate, Delete and Insert Pages

Have you ever received a document with one page that was upside down? Rotate, rearrange, delete or insert pages to customize your documents the way you like.

Cut and Paste to Avoid Retyping

Cut and paste fields from one page to another with a single click. You can also clear all previously entered information on your document pages.

Allow only Date and Signature Tools When

Sending out for Signature

Send your document to a recipient requesting date and signature only. This will help prevent unwanted modification of documents.

Each Month We’ll Highlight How Using PDFfiller
Can Benefit Your Industry

Arthur K.

Chicago, IL

Arthur’s Success Story

Arthur K. always loved the convenience of using PDFfiller to fill out and sign personal documents, so when he started Magna Realty, he introduced it to the whole staff. He knew that the software would help his agents spend less time managing documents and more time selling houses. Magna agents also save valuable time getting contracts signed remotely using PDFfiller’s signature request feature.

” – The technology makes it easier to recruit top agents and close more listings. Our agents have the flexibility of sitting down with a buyer to accept an offer on the fly on their smartphones or tablets.”

PDFfiller Team

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Signature Authentication with PDFfiller

Signature Authentication

Electronic signature technology is a growing part of doing business everywhere. As more and more institutions begin using electronic signatures, it’s important to understand how services like PDFfiller ensure the legality and security of your e-signatures in compliance with the ESIGN Act of 2000.

PDFfiller Stamp Verification

One of the most visible safeguards that PDFfiller provides is a “Verified by PDFfiller” stamp next to every signature. This Verified stamp appears both in the editor and on the final version of the document. It serves as a “proof of notarization”, showing that PDFfiller, as a neutral third party, has verified the time and date that a user signed the document.

If you’re the owner of a document, you can choose to remove the Verified stamp. However, users do not have the ability to remove signatures other users have added through a sharing option (such as SendToSign). This safeguard maintains the integrity of users’ signatures on documents used with PDFfiller.

SendToSign Signature Authentication Features

When you send a completed document using PDFfiller’s SendToSign feature, how do you ensure that the correct person signs your document? You can select the checkbox labelled “Require a photo for signature authentication” to require the recipient to include a photo of themselves taken via webcam after they sign. You can also stipulate that signers of the document include other documents by writing the name of the document in the section labelled “Request additional documents”.

For those users who need a record of signatures they receive through SendToSign, PDFfiller offers the Certificate feature, which contains a detailed report about who signed the document, when it was signed and returned, and important information about the document itself. The Certificate is available to download from the SendToSign History folder, and the owner of the document should retain copy of the Certificate for their record-keeping. Should the signature be contested in the future, the Certificate serves as an “associated record” that maintains the details of the electronic signature process.

For more about these security features, see our YouTube video explaining the SendToSign process:

Whether you’re signing a tax form, lease agreement, or contract, you want electronic signature software that’s easy to use and legally protected. PDFfiller has all the tools you need to sign and share your documents online, while giving you peace of mind about document security. If you’re ready to start signing your documents with a legal and secure electronic signature, check out PDFfiller!