Why integrating PDFfiller’s API is a must for your business

PDFfiller's API

But first: why is integrating an API a must for today?


Answering the most popular questions about API

What is an API?

An API (automatic programming interface) is an information intermediary. It’s what allows interactions to take place between a website and third-party programs and servers.

Example: instead of requiring you to sign up, many online servers and platforms allow you to log in with your social media account. The service can then use the information it gets from your social networks for its own purposes. A good example of this is how Amazon offers you books based on which ones your Facebook friends have liked.

So basically, an API is a blueprint that enables “your product” to interact and work with “their products.” APIs allow an application to extract information from a piece of software and then use that information in their own application or for data analysis.

Your product, in this case, is known as the “API endpoint.”


Why do businesses use API?

By creating APIs, companies let third-party developers create applications that can improve the usage and adoption of the main platform. That way, a business can build a system that becomes dependent on the data from their API – a dynamic that often leads to additional revenue opportunities.

APIs provide organizations with the connectivity they need to enter emerging markets, adopt new business models, and meet changing customer expectations.


How can your business benefit from APIs?

Digitally-transformed companies use APIs to achieve their own business goals. APIs not only make it easier to connect key steps of your business strategy, but also make it more convenient for software engineers to make updates or fixes without crashing or having to reinvent your entire business flow.

APIs give more opportunities for businesses to develop features you might not have the time or resources to build on your own. 


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What PDFfiller’s API means for your business goals

Integrating PDFfiller’s API into your app or software platform allows you to optimize signature collection, document filing and document management of your workflow.

  • PDFfiller makes it simple to send, manage, and track all of your signed documents.
  • PDFfiller automatically organizes your signature requests and signed documents, and keeps you in the know whenever a document is returned.
  • Every signature you receive is verified by PDFfiller, and you even have the option to enable photo authentication and request that additional documents be included when signed documents are returned.

Don`t waste time printing, mailing, and waiting for the documents you need to get signed. Integrating PDFfiller into your workflow allows you to get more done in half the time, and can save you thousands of dollars every year on paper and ink.

With compatibility across a wide array of desktop and mobile devices, PDFfiller makes handling digital documents fast and convenient for both you and your users.

Streamline your business workflow by using PDFfiller.