Automate these 5 business processes before they kill your productivity

business processes

Document management automation is a significant part of any modern business. Considering the countless benefits it offers, the hardest part is figuring out which of your business processes can be streamlined with automation technology. Many businesses possess a poor understanding of their abilities in this sphere and are unable to properly assess how to alleviate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Luckily, there are a number of options available for document management automation including creating templates, collecting payments, scheduling bulk document sending and so on. Automating these processes can completely change the way you run your business.


Instantly add spreadsheet data to your documents and forms

PDFfiller’s FillInBulk feature allows you to automatically create several documents (for example, several W-9 forms) by connecting the fillable fields of a template with the cells of a spreadsheet. Once this field-to-cell connection has been made, you’ll be able to generate any number of documents pre-filled with spreadsheet data.

Simply identify the fields of a template that you would like to pre-fill. Then, add the data you need pre-filled to the cells of the spreadsheet table. The fields of the template you intend to pre-fill should match with the cells of the spreadsheet table.

The number of documents generated will match the number of rows you’ve identified. Every fillable field of every document generated will be pre-filled with your connected spreadsheet data.


Collect and extract data into a spreadsheet

Until recently, it would have taken a manager days to collect client data from multiple incoming forms and add it to a single table. The task requires going through every document in order to find and manually copy specific data into an Excel spreadsheet. Then there’s the headache of ensuring it’s never misplaced or accidentally deleted from your device.

However, it’s now possible to export data from documents directly into an organized Excel spreadsheet and securely store it. PDFfiller’s ExtractInBulk feature automatically exports specific content from client forms into a single Excel table and makes it accessible from any internet-connected device.


Collect payments while sending and receiving documents

Make it easy for clients to fill out online forms and pay for services related to your forms from any device. A new and convenient way to do this is by adding an optional payment section to fillable forms that you send out via PDFfiller.

Tax preparers can share fillable forms to get client financial information and combine their consulting fee directly into the fillable form. Customize the payment section by setting the amount and adding a note so your clients know exactly what they’re being charged for.

When using PDFfiller, you can combine fillable PDF forms and payments. This makes it faster for clients and business partners to enter their information and provide payment from the same page, even without a PDFfiller account. Your clients can easily pay right from their computer or phone and you’ll receive the payment in your bank account within three business days.

Note that you can save the filled in data in an Excel spreadsheet, CRM or as a completed document in PDFfiller’s cloud storage.


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Schedule document sending

This is what shows your team and colleagues that you do care about their daily schedules!

Special document management platforms allow you to choose a specific date for your documents to be automatically sent out. Work on any contract, agreement or report and schedule it to be sent out and signed at a time that is most suitable for you and your recipients.

While preparing a document to be sent, don’t forget to indicate an expiration date. One interesting fact – PDFfiller automatically sends your documents at 8:00 am on the date you’ve chosen. Why 8:00 am? According to MailChimp’s research, the best time for sending emails is between 8:00 and 10:00 am EST.


Convert repetitive forms into reusable templates

Сreate prefilled templates to eliminate the hassles of editing documents every time you need to generate additional copies. Whenever you need to fill a document, simply use your template to generate a new copy and then add any specific information wherever needed.


One of PDFfiller’s clients is the first national 24/7 Crisis Support Line. The Crisis Text Line is responsible for crisis intervention via text messaging.

They wanted to create two types of certificates that would recognize their volunteer’s outstanding crisis response efforts. To do this, the nonprofit needed a way to automatically generate certificates that was simple, flexible and easy to integrate with their volunteer database and computer network. With PDFfiller, the company created templates for certificates and eliminated the hassles of manually copying and pasting data. This allowed for the acceleration of data entering processes so that volunteers could focus on their main responsibilities without getting distracted.

Everyone working in the corporate world can streamline even the most sophisticated business processes. Workflow automation helps to save you and your team hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. But it makes an even more important contribution to your business development by helping you dive deeper into the not-so-obvious processes, allowing you to easily conduct business while in your element.

Save your time and money by automating business processes with PDFfiller.