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Making the “psychology of money” useful for your business

Fifty years ago, psychologist Jean Baudrillard brilliantly proved that people don’t necessarily pay for the usefulness of a product as once thought. But rather, they tend to be more concerned about its “outer shell.” This means that consumers tend to pay for the prestige they believe the product gives them, rather than for the quality...Read More

Producing beneficial content for your business

The popularity of content marketing is constantly growing. Former SEO-optimizers and copywriters are joining the ranks of content marketers and are learning to create high-quality content. But what is quality content? And more importantly – how can it be used to give your business a greater advantage?   Three types of content that promotes sales...Read More
installment agreement request

Resolve a balance due by creating an IRS payment plan

A taxpayer has many options when resolving a balance due with the Internal Revenue Service. The most common of these is to register for a special installment payment agreement with the IRS. This means that the taxpayer signs an agreement with the IRS, allowing them to make monthly payments for a designated period of time....Read More