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How to Cancel Your Medicare Plan within the Shortest Time Possible

The United States federal health insurance program known as Medicare collected approximately 20% of all healthcare payments in 2017. The program has existed since 1976 and is controlled by the US government. It is meant to assist those who are 65 years or older, young people with certain disabilities and individuals having ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease)....Read More

Collaborate with Teams and Manage Workflow without Leaving Slack

The PDFfiller team uses Slack for team communication and for organizing everyday workflow. Multiple customizable channels allow us to quickly discuss different working projects and company goals starting with SEO optimization and new feature releases and ending with tango lessons and team building activities. With the highest security standards, robust notification preferences, compatibility with major...Read More

2018 Trends That Will Force Business to Change

The youth rules the world. Not only because the digital generation commands total presence in the media and online, but also because of objective socioeconomic indicators: people get married later, have children later and buy real estate later, if at all. Meanwhile, fifteen-year-olds are creating successful brands. Traditional values have been mixed up and blurred....Read More