PDFfiller’s Internal Email feature – one more way to securely store documents in the cloud

internal email

The data you generate for your business is crucial. According to a Helical IT survey, a data-driven approach to decision making is up to 79% more efficient than one based solely on intuition. So losing sales figures, financial documents, marketing assets, etc. could result in more than just a minor frustration.

A reasonable way to ensure the safety of your key business data is to store it in the cloud through secure cloud storage.

That’s why we want to tell you a bit more about cloud platforms and describe PDFfiller’s Internal Email feature that, as we recently found out, is quite popular among our users.


Storing your business documents and data online for Dummies

Document management platforms, such as PDFfiller, combine cloud storage and computing applications. Correctly implemented, both cloud storage and cloud computing technologies provide businesses with multiple benefits.

  • With cloud storage services, data can be securely stored and accessed from any internet-connected device. Due to advanced encryption and 2-factor authentication, all of your documents processed with PDFfiller are highly protected.
  • Cloud computing, in turn, helps build and run applications via a virtual desktop. With cloud computing technologies, businesses can access sensitive data and apps from anywhere using any internet-capable device. Any updates or patches can be installed much faster, since there is no need to upgrade each employees’ computer.

Also, since your documents are stored electronically, you save up on those paper-related expenses which eat up your company’s budget every day.


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Cloud computing for experts – Internal Email on PDFfiller’s platform helps you to securely store documents in the cloud

Recently we found out that many of PDFfiller’s users find it pretty convenient to store their documents via the Internal Email feature.

The thing is that when you get your PDFfiller account – you also get your own private email address. You can use it to send documents from your regular email inbox right to your PDFfiller account.

Moreover, you can just ask to have documents sent to your PDFfiller internal email instead of your regular email. This eliminates the need to resend documents multiple times.

This is where you find your internal email:

Note that security is our #1 priority at PDFfiller. All user data is stored in Amazon S3 data centers which have multiple backup locations, instant and uninterrupted data access, and military-level physical security.

And by securing the transmission of your data with a 256-bit encryption algorithm, the data sent between users (or a user and server) is always protected and secure.