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Completing Forms & Shipping Packages the Digital Way

Who? When companies need to ship dangerous goods, they can’t do it by regular post. Batteries, explosives, paint, hairspray, chemicals, and even Pam baking spray all qualify as hazardous and need special shipping permissions. When companies need to move this sensitive material, there aren’t many places they can turn, so they contact Dangerous Goods Packing...Read More

An Integration to Streamline Internal Document Management Workflows

THE ISSUE Automating Production of Certificates of Excellence With a fast-growing network of over 1500 volunteers, Crisis Text Line wanted to recognize their volunteer’s outstanding crisis response efforts. As part of expanding the volunteer onboarding process, Crisis Text Line wanted to speed up the creation of two kinds of certificates; one for graduation from a...Read More

More Built-in Ways to Store, Edit and Manage Documents Online

THE ISSUE Selling Contractor Forms Diane Dennis’ company, Monk and DBug LLC, is the creator of the online resource www.InformedContractors.com, a site for contractors who visit for Diane’s expertise and for her downloadable contractor forms, organized by state and form type. While her three construction-related websites already have thousands of visitors a day and her...Read More

9 Reasons Fillable Forms Will Change the Way You Work

A Fast and Easy Way to Make Any Form Fillable Fillable forms make collecting information easier than ever. You decide what parts of your document are fillable, in what order fields can be entered, and what kinds of information can be collected. Fillable forms make form completion: Fast. Customers can fill your forms in seconds....Read More