Meet National Tax Security Awareness Week and stay protected from fraud

tax season

Tax Security Awareness Week, which takes place annually between the 2nd and 6th of December, was organized to provide taxpayers with the topical idea of online financial security. A season of active online shopping is coming, and the risk of accidentally sharing your own sensitive financial information with criminals is at its highest level of the year. 

Being closely connected with the tax filing process, PDFfiller has prepared a reminder on how to make your tax season more convenient and secure. Protect your financial data, fill out our tax forms, and stay confident that PDFfiller is a trustworthy service! 

Purchase online without any risks

Make sure that your financial information is private and known only by you. Keeping your pin-code in personal messages or simply saved in your notes is not the best idea.

After all, do you really want to make a thief’s job easier? 

Official security software, two-factor authentication, strong passwords, and regular backups are critical. Avoid using public wi-fi, even if you want to save on using your mobile traffic. Also, one single look at the website address bar can save you – visit only the sites with “https”! Even the best sales and offers should not convince you to visit unreliable websites. 


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Emails and phone calls: keep your eyes open

Never provide any sensitive information such as your pin-code or credentials via phone or email! IRS and bank workers will never ask for it. Carefully check emails that contain any links, even if the company’s logo seems to be legitimate. Always share and store important documents in a secure way! 

Recognize and avoid identity theft 

The average business taxpayer can easily become a victim of identity theft. Identity theft means that financial or personal information has been used in some sort of tax fraud. If there are any issues with the IRS, (for instance, tax returns or extensions were rejected or some correspondence was not sent by the IRS) then it’s time to initiate a careful investigation!

The materials of Awareness Week are available to citizens who want to make sure that their personal data is safe. Learn more about how to securely use mobile phones and computers and how to identify phishing easily!

A lot of events are planned across the whole country in the context of Tax Security Awareness Week. They are aimed at informing not only professionals, but also average taxpayers about the risks they face. Prepare for the upcoming tax season with PDFfiller by increasing your awareness and making your financial safety a top priority!