The 7 must-have automated documents for your business success

automated documents

As a founder or CEO of a company, you know how difficult it can be to scale and manage your business. You may have a great idea/product and even a few thousand customers – but despite everything, you can’t seem to get to the next level.

This is where automation enters the scene. With implemented automation technologies, you can do more with less effort. Automation lets you streamline your routine tasks and continue scaling. Here’s a list of the top seven most popular business documents that you can automate for further business success.


Top 7 essential business documents to automate

Proposals and quotes

Proposals and quotes are still taking the lion’s share of time when being filled in manually. Sales managers have to copy and paste data from Salesforce or Oracle into templates hundreds of times – over and over. Such repetitive and mind-numbing tasks give rise to typos and other errors.

Document automation does much more than just save time. When it comes to business proposals, automation tools can help win deals. According to Qvidian’s report on automation, more than one-third of respondents noticed that their win rates improved by automating their proposal process.automated documents

Source: 2017 Proposal Automation Market Pulse, Qvidian



On average, drafting contracts and approvals can take up to a month. But are you sure that your clients will wait patiently for your contracts? Late delivery of documents may result in reconsidering the conditions as well as the viability of the contract. It’s a fact that vendors who exceed the expectations they’ve set for prospects are more likely to win the deal.

Having automated your document turnaround, you’ll be able to provide clients with fast, error-free contract delivery. This provides the foundation for long-term, beneficial relationships. Instead of spending weeks on one contract, you’ll be able to close deals in days – if not hours.


Welcome letters

Properly written, welcome letters reinforce your brand image as well as your relationships with customers. With automation tools, you don’t have to write welcome letters manually. You just create a template – and that’s it. When integrated with your CRM system, automation tools will take all the necessary information including first and last name, email, and the name of the company, and send well-structured and concise welcome letters to all of your new customers in just a few clicks.  


Account plans

While drawing up account plans manually, you have to enter in the data twice – once for Salesforce and once for your account plan. Moreover, when you’re copying the data, it’s easy to lose track of different versions or make mistakes.

With automated processes, you don’t have to search for the right data and enter it in more than once because the automation tools will put it all together in a few clicks.


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Project report cards

Project report cards are used to keep projects on track and update a project’s information. But writing cards, as well as updating project plans, is time-consuming. With automation tools, you don’t have to double-type numbers or notes. Once you update the information in any CRM system (like Salesforce), the data will be automatically transferred to your project report cards.



Negotiating and contract signing is now behind you. It’s time to get paid. Invoices are your last step before closing the deal. With automation tools, you’ll be able to send clear and consistent invoices. Moreover, you can set reminders when a payment deadline is approaching.


Business reviews and renewals

Business reviews and renewals are ideal means for retaining customers and are an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand image. Increasing customer retention by at least 5% can increase your profits by up to 95%. By far, customer retention is the most efficient way to grow your business.

Automation can save your time and let you focus on your more primary tasks and needs. The automation tools will automatically generate business reviews or contract renewals and send them to recipients.


Checklist of the top 7 automated documents for business success

  • Proposals and quotes: Save your time and maintain brand consistency.
  • Contracts: Close deals faster and win over new customers.
  • Welcome letters: Welcome your new clients in a few clicks.
  • Account plans: Gain a complete view of customers’ accounts and get rid of data entry errors.
  • Project report cards: Keep your plans updated and set new business goals.
  • Invoices: Collect payments without any hustle and bustle.
  • Business reviews and renewals: Re-engage with your customers and uncover new business opportunities.


How can PDFfiller automate your document workflows?

automated documents


PDFfiller has several features to automate your document workflows including automated form filling. It merges data from a database or an Excel sheet with a PDF document and sends prefilled copies to be signed or saved.

With Fill In Bulk, you can create several documents (for example, several invoices) by linking a template’s fillable fields with the spreadsheet’s cells. After the documents are linked, you can generate pre-filled documents in just a few clicks.

There’s no need to go through hundreds of documents to collect data. With Extract In Bulk, you can export any type of data from multiple forms in minutes. PDFfiller automatically exports particular content from fillable forms into a single Excel sheet that you can access from any device.

Using PDfiller, you can add optional payment sections to collect payments right in the document. This helps clients as well as business partners to enter their information and pay for the services from the same page.

All in all, automation transforms your business from slow and inefficient into more productive and nimble. It helps you grow and focus on core needs instead of spending hours on mindless and repetitive tasks.