National Handshake Day: make it the digital way today

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Imagine it’s 500 BC.

Two men in sandals standing near the city square are shaking hands with each other. 

It looks powerful. And actually, it is. This is because at least one of them is silently saying: Hey, I come in peace and I don’t have a weapon up my sleeve. Please feel free to check”. 

And if everything ends without injury, then negotiations can take place. 

Fast forward to the Medieval ages. 

At a dedication ceremony, a master knight hands a candidate a sword, spurs, chainmail, helmet, spear and a shield. After the initiation, he reads several prayers and swears to observe the rules and duties of knighthood. The dedication ceremony then ends with a symbolic gesture – a blow to the neck. It’s considered that later in some English-speaking countries and regions of Western France, this gesture was reduced to a simple embrace or a firm handshake.

In 17th century marriage portraits, the handshake sealed a sacred and legally binding commitment. But during the Victorian Era, shaking hands was considered inappropriate and a gentleman never reached out to the lady. Etiquette manuals often included guidelines for the proper handshaking technique. 

Regardless of grip, style and technique, handshakes have always been considered a symbol of trust. There have been many cases in world history when a basic handshake led to a peaceful resolution of a conflict. 

But there should always be an agreement. 

An agreement can include a wide variety of details. For example, it may be a contract with a partner, insurance plan, sales agreement or invoice. Regardless, trust is extremely important. And fortunately, at least in the digital age, it may be simply examined without the need to carry around a hidden dagger.


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And finally, there is no need to buy a pen. You don’t even need to meet your partner face to face and worry about establishing trust. You have already done it simply by using a secure and reliable service.