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Completing and Distributing Financial Forms Digitally

Who? Since 2009, HSI Trust, LTD. has been helping clients take back control of their finances, working “primarily in situations where [clients] are having difficulty with their mortgage, but also student loans, credit cards, anything on the financial side,” said Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director of the organization. Because HSI Trust works in the field of...Read More

Medical Regulatory Compliance using PDFfiller

Who? Village Fertility Pharmacy, Inc. has served clients across the country for over 25 years. Based in Waltham Massachusetts and specializing in infertility treatments and assisted reproductive therapies, Village Fertility Pharmacy, Inc. maintains licenses and a distribution network in 25 states, making sure thousands of thousands of customers have the medication they need. Village Fertility...Read More

An Integration to Streamline Internal Document Management Workflows

THE ISSUE Automating Production of Certificates of Excellence With a fast-growing network of over 1500 volunteers, Crisis Text Line wanted to recognize their volunteer’s outstanding crisis response efforts. As part of expanding the volunteer onboarding process, Crisis Text Line wanted to speed up the creation of two kinds of certificates; one for graduation from a...Read More