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Signing Academic and Administrative Documents Has Never Been Simpler

a publication of Who? Yun Wang works as a professor and researcher at one of the most renowned universities of traditional Chinese medicine studying Informatics and Engineering. It is one of the most elite higher learning institution solely devoted to traditional medicine, including acupuncture, orthopedics, and traumatology. While the school has one foot in tradition,...Read More

Search Within a Fillable PDF Documents

Search Within a Document While Editing It Online We at PDFfiller are working hard to improve our product, to make it even more convenient for our users. One of our latest developments is a search tool. Using this tool, you can find a word or a phrase in a PDF document. Now you will save...Read More

How to Blackout and Redact a PDF Document Online

At some point, you may need to email or share otherwise a PDF document that contains confidential or sensitive information. Quite naturally, we feel apprehensive about disclosing such information. In a situation like this, you can blackout any part of a PDF document online using a very simple tool that PDFfiller has to offer. In...Read More