PDFfiller’s letter to Santa: Summing up 2018

Dear Santa,
we were a good company during the 2018 year. Honestly! We did a lot to improve our service and attract more customers. And we did our best to make these customers feel happy with our product.

Just have a look – we achieved 34,000+ five star reviews from Shoppers Approved. 25,000+ forms are now filled daily and we have 10+ million users and counting!

To make our words more precise, let’s go through the main steps we took during the seasons.




  • When preparing for the tax season, we added the possibility to send Form 1099, W2 and 941 directly to the Internal Revenue Service. So don’t hesitate to use this convenient feature for the upcoming tax season.
  • One of the most common feature requests to PDFfiller was to give users the option to save fillable PDF forms to a computer or cloud storage with editable fillable fields. And we did it. With PDFfiller, you can now save your fillable document as a PDF file onto your computer or cloud storage – while still preserving the editable fillable fields.
  • Also, a user can now manually scale page size to fit the content on paper. You can easily print your PDF agreements, contracts and invoices on a legal, letter or A4 size paper in seconds – all without any additional downloads or tedious steps.
  • We’ve released Share via Link. Now users can make it easy for anyone to access their documents by sharing them via a link. By default, anyone with the link can edit and comment on these documents. However, we added the possibility to change the settings so that someone with the link can only view your document.

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  • This year we paid special attention to make closer connections with our customers. During Dreamforce 2017, our team experienced valuable direct communication with Salesforce users. So we decided to continue this experience to build the right solution to help increase our customers’ potential. That’s why we decided to participate in Salesforce World Tours in Boston, New York and Toronto.
  • During the Salesforce World Tour we announced the release of DadaDocs 2.7. This release includes usability improvements that allow salespeople to easily navigate the entire document lifecycle while reducing costs.
  • And one more quite nice achievement – PDFfiller has reached 8.8M monthly visits, according to Similar Web. It’s the highest rank for any cloud-based PDF editor, e-signature platform, form builder or document generator on the market so far. We’re so happy to achieve this milestone on one of the most respected platforms for marketers around the world. We’re thankful to all the professionals who were looking for the right app to streamline their digital workflow and turned to PDFfiller.
  • Spring also kept us busy with preparing for the newest GDPR regulations in Europe – now viewable on our all new Eu Citizens see Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement on Login, Registration and Choice page. We paid attention not only to GDPR Compliance, but also educated our customers about the new rules here and here.




  • PDFfiller released the all new Dashboard section for our users’ accounts. The Dashboard helps people remember exactly where they left off before closing their laptop. Within the first few seconds of returning to work, they discover how quick and easy it is to manage all documents, templates and forms in their PDFfiller account – all from one convenient place.
  • We shared our experience with the Practitioner’s guide to on-and-offline lead generation – telling our story of getting 1500 leads in two days. The story is based on PDFfiller’s experience from participating in the Dreamforce conference. It includes some important points our marketing team used to show our product and evaluate customers’ expectations and preferences.
  • What’s more – PDFfiller now integrates with SharpSpring, a cloud-based marketing automation platform. Now you can close your entire workflow cycle without leaving your SharpSpring account. With this integration, users now can collect data with fillable PDF forms and create new SharpSpring records, automatically generate documents pre-filled with SharpSpring data, save time editing PDF documents online and speed up contract execution with e-signatures.





What’s more?

Don’t forget about our content team which did a lot to make digital workflow experience even more clear and intuitive.

All these achievements play a huge role for our company today and for our further development. Today we have new goals to achieve and we wish to succeed in our plans for the upcoming year.

So, Santa, why are we writing to you? Actually, just to share our joy with you (and maybe just to brag a little). Because we’re sure all our plans will get done by our team and with our users’ support.

Have a happy holiday!

With best regards,

PDFfiller’s team.